Friday, 28 December 2012

December 28th 2012

Well I felt like doing a blog today to deal with a few views. As you may notice I have had to change my header. Current Buns site was closed because of a MPs views. I have to respect Martin (editor) for what he did. Tgoat is keeping up his capping on his blog, keep checking out his hard work and thanks Michael for all you do. Now I am going to do a selected #ff from the telly (roughly). First the funniest Anchorman out there, John Mackay who is great in Glasgow, can do the serious until you read his morning hoocha. Next a very nice woman I nearly met. Back in July I went to wet, wet, wet concert at Glasgow Green and couldnt say hello to Kelly Ann Woodland. After it I spoke to her on twitter about nearly going across. I Hope she enjoyed her first christmas married, even though she on yesterday. Right, even though she does Newcastle weather which isn't where I am Hannah Bayman is hard working. Delivering Quality First has meant we don't see much of Hannah now, but atleast she is still there (unlike some other regions). On a kinda side track we have a Newcastle lass called Claire Wynarczyk. She goes to more concerts than me, which considering I went to JLS, Wet wet wet, Killie dirty weekender, steps this year is getting harder. She was a games maker at Wembley in London 2012 which automatically gives her plus points. Ive never met her but is always nice. Right thats enough about telly. After twit ayr I have still had some busy times. Last Wednesday I was in for Stella to be put in for so long until I met Frank in Ayr. We went to Frankies & Bennys and it was good, better than time before. Last Friday I went upto Glenrothes to give my nephew Christmas Presents and came back by 4pm. I was down in club for Whisky Tasting and Raffle that night, that all ended at 10pm. I relaxed up the street and had a good night sleep. On Saturday I had birthday party to open for, after that I went to Catrine for Childrens Christmas Party. Thanks for everyone there that helped. I was trying to help make sure everything was organised for it and it appeared a success to me anyway. I watched the strictly final and thought Louis 2nd dance was great, thats what got me voting. On Monday I went upto Fife at 11.45 and got to sisters about 5pm. I spent a few days in Fife, coming back yesterday. There isnt a lot I can say about Fife. Last night at Royal our team won the quiz by 1 point, but it was a win. That covers it, I hope you all have a great New Year (Hogmanay).

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Twit Ayr

Hello, just a quick one this morning. Though I had better talk about last night. Started at Saffy's and we were in time, well I was 2nd last there. Now before I went I tried to make sure that nothing at rugby would happen that would interupt, WRONG as usual. The astroturf at Cumnock Academy was OFF for 2nd week in a row and I text our team to tell them it was off and put it on facebook and website. Now at 6.20 as I was ordering I get call to change it because primary 6/7 are going to Catrine Games Hall at 7pm, can I change this. The wifi in Saffy's wasn't working but I somehow get it done on facebook and website. After that I get my Tomato and red pepper soup which was very nice, perfect temperature, even though I had to finish stuff on my phone. Next up I have the cagun chicken which has rice and a sauce. Now I made sure during day I didn't eat that much, so I have plenty of apetite. I just about finish meal in about 5 minutes and then phone rings. After finishing the main I talk to Bobby about stuff. I have the chocolate fudge cake, delicious. We then walk over to LA Bowl, "The Eagle" Michael wins the lazer quest and bowling. It's been a long time since I was at lazer quest and I get third after doing lots of moving about. We go down to the bowling and on xbox I am quite good at bowling (about 186 is my record). I had forgot the weight of a bowling ball. My name was chaos (after the lazer quest name). The first 2 rack ups i gutter the ball. I slowly remember how much to fling the ball down. I think I have no chance. Then I start getting an 8 then next end a 3 and i start getting the rythum back. By the end after a strike and spare I end at about 65 and finish 3rd from 6, great. The Eagle soared again and Ben was 2nd about 30/40 infront of me. Michael even got a serious photo of me preparing (this was after the strike which he couldn't get). I went and saw it was just after 9pm and I say I can get the 915 bus so I get to pub in Cumnock (I wasn't drinking then getting the bus back to Cumnock). It was a good finish in Cumnock as well. So cheers Ian, Ben, Michael, Michael, Iain for a great night. Today has more club stuff today and I hope this game goes ahead on Saturday!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Its Sunday 9th December

Hello everyone, I think it's time again to blog. There has been a subject I haven't been talking about on my blog. Back around the start of November Tober's other half contacted me and Rab Donald to help with a surprise 50th this weekend. So while we enjoyed ourselves at Autumn Internationals we spoke a little bit about it. I saw it was me who had took the booking for a 40th and not with Tober's name on it. Rab and Linda sorted out some of the invites and I started talking quietly to others, when Tober wasn't around me in the club. So I got a list of people we needed details for and got them and the people coming started to mount up. The other first things was to try and get a disco for this date. I went round just about every disco and dj I know in Cumnock, including Blaire, Eleanor, Papa Skim, Shanuke, I tried nearly 10 people. I had no success. Thankfully Louise got someone. The other thing about party, tober has to order in stock for the function, but can't know its for his party. The drink came as fairly normal. So it keeps gugling along and Louise asks about getting in club to get ready and how we get Tober at the club last week. We come up with a plan thanks to Mick Smith. I check the list of people coming and see about 90 on list, this got revised to about 60 on Friday afternoon. Tober thinks he is going for dinner at Lochside on Friday night, so he can't be in club at 5pm as normal. On Friday morning cleaner at club phones me for 2nd time in the morning at 11.15. The drink delivery is running late, can I go down as she doesn't know when its coming. I was moving fixtures to new dates when that phonecall came and I knew Friday was going to be a long day, I wasn't pleased to say the least. I got down and a few minutes later the drink arrived! We get set up in the hall, get lunch and get away for about 90 minutes. I get down to club and it was quiet to start. the staff arrive and Tober gets the phonecall. The Dj when he was phoned hadn't arrived. He arrived 7.10 (cutting it close, he was meant to be here 6.30pm). Everyone arrives and Tober finally gets here 7.45pm YEAH He didnt know until very late this was happening, it was just about a surprise. We have a good night, have a few beers and I think phew, it was just about the longest function I have been helping with. I had a good night and got home just before 1am. I know the rugby is off next day so I can have a lie in, WRONG! the cleaner phones me at 830am (I was in bed woke up by phone). I can't get into bins, the keys arent there, so I get up, get dressed and go down to club. I get the keys, open them up and after 2 other things I had to deal with I head home. "wasn't pleased" was nowhere how I felt when I got that phonecall and solving of problem. So what do you do when you get home after this, go back to bed. I had another 3 hours sleep and felt human when I got up 2nd time. I had steak pie lunch at Royal at lunchtime as I didnt have breakfast my first time and wrap Christmas presents
I only have 4 to get now. This coming week I am going to TwitAyr and next weekend family are coming over to Cumnock for my 39th birthday afternoon meal. Inbetween going to Fife for a few days over Christmas I am going to be my usual busy over here. Even when its just games getting cancelled I am still busy at club. The other thing which did have to move back in my schedule was the amount of capping for Currentbuns, which some of you may know me for. With the stuff happening around club and other stuff happening, I havent had the same motivation to spend the small time I have, sat at my computer, even if that is generally a quiet day. Martin covers London very well, and tgoat gets most other people I see. See you around.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Well its raining Outside

I know I only did a blog on Tuesday, but felt it about right time to do another one. Tuesday Night I went to Royal Quiz we I won our team the play your cards right £99 between us (I was much happier this time). We won the quiz as well! So I decided to see Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Wednesday. I knew I had enough time to goto Ayr and get back in plenty of time for training on Wednesday night. So I got 11am bus, walked upto Odeon and watched it. I have seen the right, it felt a little bit wierd at the start but it got into the flow of things quite soon. It was a good length movie. I enjoyed it. As usual I don't want to give spoilers about the movie. I got the 2.45pm bus home and that was good. Training was good at night. Today came and all the rain. I was at East Ayrshire Community Hospital for my INR to be checked. It was good. I am not back until Valentines Day, me and Ali spoke briefly about Halloween and the photo she had took, check this link to another of my blog entries to see what I am talking about. Well after that I walked down to club and got this sight at bridge.
After doing my stuff at club I took some photos near Woodroad Park.
I got a can of juice at TC's and talked stuff and then headed to precinct for Greggs for lunch. Below is view from bridge next to precinct.
I have watched some news and put this on Cumnock Rugby Club website after getting answers on 2nd XV games and decided to do this blog. I hope this isn't too boring for you and if your travelling far or just round here, take care.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Well a week past, another international

Well hopefully you all enjoyed last weeks blog. Well I went back across to Edinburgh on Saturday for Scotland V South Africa. Now before I dispear to international I put on facebook, does this stop people phoning, texting, emailing me when I am in Edinburgh (or going there), NO! Firstly we had a sportsman Dinner in there the night before which I had been in bar until about 8.15pm. My phone rings heading from Glasgow to Edinburgh is the game on the big screen, well I didn't know until I got a text fae tober saying yes, the staff are on. So in between Livingston and Edinburgh in a bus with no wifi post on facebook that the club was open. It just got online to do it. Now I haded to my Novohotel in Edinburgh Central, near the castle. I put my bag in and found out where my mates were, so I travelled across to Murrayfield Hotel It was quite busy, but I got in. At about 2.40 we went across to Murrayfield for the game.
Well what can I say about the game, I thought Scotland played better against New Zealand, the wide guys didn't have a chance, there were some wrong decisions being made. After the game we went back to Murrayfield Hotel, but we couldn't get in. It took like 20 minutes to get a drink from beer tent. We eventually got in ALL of us! We had a few more beers and Andy McCane came on after all the rugby, I really enjoyed him. Nobody was complaining and it was a great night. Rab Donald booked a chineese restaurant called Chineese Manor House Restaurant, I did a review for trip advisor as well as follows There was 11 of us, we reserved this restuarant at 7pm and ate at 8pm. We had got taxi from pub after Scotland V South Africa game. We had 6 starters between all of us, all with flavour, perfect temperature, they were great. Then we had 11 main meals. I had some of the beef curry to start after that. It wasnt too warm, which is great for me and then I had some of beef chow main which I enjoyed so much, after abotu a third plus other other stuff I have had had got me filled. We all paid about £15 quid each to what we had. If you want a good chineese in Edinburgh, go there. The rest of the table finished all the table and nobody had any faults with it.
Then it got really interesting, I had put my bag into my hotel but hadn't checked in yet, so as I thought at this point we were all staying in the same hotel, we all headed away in taxis. I get the the hotel and think, this doesn't look like mine, it wasn't. There are 2 Novohotels in Edinburgh, one in centre of edinburgh and other at Edinburgh Park, next to City Bypass. Everyone else was staying at Park one, ****** So they phone a taxi for me back to Edinburgh Central (£15 that cost me). I wasn't very pleased. I tell Stewart and Donna to tell the rest of them before I was away. So I get to my hotel and I check in and they give me a keycard and 2nd floor, so I head up lift, card doesn't work. After it getting recoded and receptionist coming up to check door, it still doesn't work (I hoped it wasn't me doing it wrong, it wasn't). I get moved rooms to 4th floor and it works 1st time, phew. It's just after 11pm and I phone Stewart tell him I am in room now. It didn't take me long to get to sleep in the double bed, the room was very good. It's exactly what I needed after a LONG DAY, a enjoyable but LONG DAY. I watch Match Of The Day in morning, Fantasy Football was ok this week, I got nearly 50 points, but most people had a good week as well. I went down to Two Thin Laddies for breakfast. I also put a review on trip Advisor for there as well. I went there on Sunday morning after Scotland v South Africa game because I needed a good breakfast after a long day, day before. I ordered the full breakfast but holding beans, mushrooms and tomato. I got Sausages, bacon fried egg, white coffee and toast. It was perfect temperature, good quality food they were using and friendly atmosphere, even music played was a very good idea. For £8.50 I paid including coffee it was just I needed. When i go back to edinburgh, thats where I would get breakfast. When I took my photo it looked so good I had forgot to take the photo before starting.
After that I phoned Rab to see how he was and I went out on train from Haymarket to Edinburgh Park (5 minutes) and met them up and I headed home (Stewart hadn't told him about the hotels). When I was waiting for train I needed to update Under 15 game was off and when I was coming back between Strathaven and Muirkirk I got trouble with oven. I was watching my phone too much and lets just say I had a lie down when I got home for 2 hours. I never like that Strathaven to Muirkirk road, it's very twisty. I was feeling fine in the morning but not then. Later on after my snooze, I did my usual with Cumnock Rugby Club website after my nap and got lots of match reports and then facebook and twitter after I got sent the match reports. Monday was some club stuff as normal and today is really the morning I watched Raw and Arrow from last night. Enjoy the read.

Monday, 12 November 2012

I feel some stuff to say

Hello everyone, this will be a varied one. Lets start with rugby, the seniors 1st XV have won 6/6 league games and even though we moan sometimes about the performance, the boys are still winning. I've been working through some of my roles in rugby club and it means basically Tuesday is the only day I don't have rugby stuff. Last Tuesday I went to Braehead and did some xmas shopping and saw WWE stars put lights on (eventually).
I got home and watched raw as I hadn't had time in morning. On the telly front I am enjoying Arrow on Sky 1 and Elementary on Sky Living. I still record (and watch) Homeland on channel 4 every week as well. On BBC I watched Saturday Night as George Entwhistle resigned. I dont think he should get a full year salary as pay off and Tim Davey wasn't going to say if it was right for him to be paid that, Lord Patten and the 11 others on BBC Board, need to look again into this. I did retweet Suzanne Virdee at weekend, we can't forget all the abuse that happened for decades, even though Newsnight mistakes do need investigating, but it shouldn't sidetrack the child abuse investigation. Right rugby, I am happy that Mark Bennett is on loan to Glasgow Warriors until end of season, to say the least. I have this morning been tweeting that for the club and putting it on our website. Yesterday I went to Scotland vs New Zealand game, after leaving club at 10am, I got to Glasgow 12.10 and got on a bus about 15 minutes later. That was good organisation. I got to Murrayfield around 1.40 and just headed for my seat.
After game I walked from Murrayfield to Edinburgh Bus Station, all those tram works definately don't help. I left Edinburgh Bus Station 6.20pm and got to Glasgow 7.45pm. I got the Kilmarnock bus down and got home at 10.15pm. Lets hope next Saturday is better even though I am staying in Edinburgh Saturday night. So I hope you are all ok out there and see you about.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Has it been nearly 3 weeks since the last blog

Well it looks as if I havent been blogging for a small bit. So lets think whats been happening, well as usual the rugby club has kept me busy, I have a couple of new jobs since Jim Morton resigned, some of that is keeping me busier. Liz still has her fitness classes on Mondays. Last Monday the committee meeting only last 90 minutes, which was great. The first xv still keep on winning when the rain doesn't get in the way (like last Saturday). I don't know how many know how lucky we are with the club. Just about every away league game we have at the moment, inside beside a club. When we went to Cowal (whilst the MOD was on) we got into 2 changing rooms because first one was being used by Shinty. Also me, Catriona & Donald had got to Dunoon about 12.30, kick off was 3pm (way too early). Still it was a good victory and I got home about 8.15pm because I got bus from Kilmarnock. Last Friday was very busy as well, had usual job to do in club friday evening, then eventually went to chapel hall and they raised loads of money for girls team. Saturday night at club was Jordan's leaving doo, he is in New Zealand now. It started at 5.30pm (getting there), I went to bed after Alibi in Sun and Vendetta in Tc's after 1am. The next day I checked facebook and went I don't remember taking those (but I had). It was a great night. I am glad Sunday wasn't too taxing, just manual stuff mostly. Tuesday night at the Royal Quiz our team with me won play your cards right for £138 (between 10 of us). Some weeks its 5 of us, this week it was 10. We also won the quiz, it was a good night. Wednesday I went with Frank to Tudor Restaurant in Ayr.
That was the main meal photos I had, I put this on trip advisor:- I went with friend, got taken to table, I got salmon starter. It was in a soup with lots of salmon inside and bread, it was very nice, presentation was excellent. I had heard before hand the Tudor had been refurbished and this is to a very good standard, from immaculate toilet to whole decor of eating area. Next I had Gammon Steak, peas and salad with chips. It was very filling. The size of Gammon steak was very large, bigger than I am used to. Didnt finish all the chips. i had a coke in a very nice glass. Between the two of us it was about £25. Pricing on menu was for 2 courses, so I dont think many people go for one. Only worry was staff didnt see everything was ok and I had to go and ask for bill. It was quite busy at this point and thought they may keep more of an eye on this if they could. Overall food was great and way it looks is a great improvement. After the meal I went across to Wellington Sports Ground to cheer on rugby players U15/U16 from Cumnock/Auchinleck Academy, the boys did very well in second half holding a very strong Wellington side. Wednesday night another team I am in won quiz at rugby club, but next month there will be £135+ to win. Thursday I discovered the Schools touch festival was on so I just helped out where I can (I did try to warn you I have been busy with rugby) Logan Primary won again this year. I left there about 2.30 ate something and went back at 6pm for training, which wasn't bad. Thursday night I decided I was going to see skyfall. I hadn't seen the following trailer, even though I knew I wanted to see it. It was great, It was a bit different from the last few, I couldnt fault it. If you can see it, see it. I had used 1000 odeon points from all those collecting from other films I went to see. Yesterday I was Glasgow East, well I say Glasgow East we actually played the same place we play Strathclyde Police in Hamilton. The Cumnock team won 70-0 after 58 minutes after they went to 11 players and we took the points. Last night was the Halloween Party. Now the following picture people are liking most on my facebook today
Now on Thursday I finalised roughly what I was wearing. This is what I wore last night (minus my big black coat)
Now if you only saw me from the waist up it looks like I am wearing a shirt and Cumnock Academy tie.
When I helped behind the bar, thats what they thought. It's only when you see the full part, you see a black skirt and tights. lets just say I didn't sit on any radiators, and if anybody had asked why I didn't wear heels "I am tall enough". After going to rugby club party until about 10.20 I went up (yes I walked up, I had taxi down to club) towards The Sun, The nice lady Security Person said I had to show Karen this outfit the got prize for Worst Fancy Dress, which still got me a bottle of wine. I enjoyed the music in Sun and it was fun when I could relax. Today after the clocks change I went to Troon where it wasn't raining and we won. When we got back to Cumnock it was flinging it down again. In next few weeks I am going to New Zealand and South Africa games. I hope you enjoy this blog and comment unless you just want to advertise on it) and I will try to do another one quicker.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Well it's Tuesday afternoon

Hello everyone, I hope you all liked my short blog on Friday Night, I it had the usual amount of views, even though nobody actually got back to me about it. Well on Saturday we went to Loch Lomond, this is the link for my match report on Cumnock Rugby Club Website. I wrote the match report at Loch Lomond which saved a lot of time later. I had a nice beer in club before coming and making rolls for next day. I also enjoyed after I had finsihed them some music from Blair in Tc's. Sunday I was 6.45am (that aint normal). I got down to club about 8.15 and we hared onto the mini festival. I already had the things I was doing. The p5 team didn't lose any games and just narrowly missed on 1st place in the age group. After everything was packed away I enjoy a few beers. Mark, one of the p4 coaches won a coaches award. That was David who is a p5 coach.
I got home at 8pm and stayed in for rest of the night. Homeland was starting that night for series 2 and still enjoyed it before heading to bed early. On Monday I had a bit of a lie in before sending in the Cumnock Chronicle reports around midday. In afternoon I did more computer admin for rugby club. I went as normal down to club around 5pm but not as normal left at 9.15pm, but we did get some stuff sorted. We are travelling to Cowal (Dunoon) so we got some times we need to leave. Tuesday I watch Monday night raw before a quick visit to Auchinleck at 10am, then getting tape to Stuart (just in time) and then I went to club to do some more admin stuff before buying some new trainers, as the last ones are starting to leak. I haven't had much chance to do telly capping over weekend. So I hope that keeps you all happy and don't forget to say if these are boring or alright.

Friday, 5 October 2012


Well I thought I will do a very quick blog.

I hope for Gillian Smart everything goes ok. Kirsteen Macdonald is doing well. I like her and Sarah Cruickshank on alba and reporting scotland.

On homefront everythng is going ok.

Rugby has been busier for me since Jim Morton resigned 2.5 weeks ago.

Boiler going bust didnt help.

Tomorrow is away to Loch Lomond with seniors. The cumnock team scored 39 tries in September and lost 3. A great improvement. Keep it up.

Sunday is Cumnock mini festival and I am up at 7am.

I like gangham style! nuf said.


Friday, 14 September 2012

George Square, Glasgow

Well I went to go and see the parade, but I went to wrong street, so I just went to George Square, Here are the photos that I took today image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host Here is the video I took of Sir Chris Hoy speaking to us all. It was a great day, even for the Chinese GB flags. Enjoy.

Friday 14th September

Well Wednesday was quite a relaxing day, I knew The Sweeney was coming out on Wednesday on at 3.30pm I was in Kilmarnock to see it at the Odeon. I gave it 11/10 I hadnt seen the trailer, but yes I saw the Top Gear bit a few months ago. I loved it. Total Recall, The Dark Knight rises I have seen as well, there about 6-7/10. The Sweeney is 11/10. It is a 15 certificate which might be a difference. I didn't watch the TV series when I was younger or ITV4. Right after that I went home and enjoyed Wednesday night. Yesterday at 11am I had a new tenant visit which lasted 5/10 minutes. Very good. I know what is my bit of garden now. We had rugby training last night and after the man fitting gumshields was done I got outside to help until about 745. The rugby page is page 30 in Cumnock Chronicle and he have Micros, P5, P7, s1/2, U15, U16 and the 76-10 for 1st XV, they face Renfrew tomorrow who won 39-0 I think. I hope they don't think this is going to be easy, the workrate they put in last week has to be repeated. I want the headache of having to do stats every week because lots of tries are being scored. Today I have just compiled my followfriday list for twitter, I give #ff for people who actually interact (in most cases) with me within that week, well here is the list. @michaeljbyers @darkflare @tgoatcapper @currentmartin @currentbunsuk @tourscotland @widget53 @karthisport @sunnythesurf (hope you get it) @melbide @odeoncinemas @kieranlamont @monty_2806 @lexjah @weeyin13 @helgacarmichael, have a good wedding day tomorrow @centcaps @andy_murray, you can guess why @loupepper @bbckheredine @owen_carruthers @darklochnagar @gregor_aitken @janedaybreak @razord17 @lauratobin1 @scottymccurdy @bbcnewcastle @clairewynarczyk @juankerr23 @kasiamadera @bigscottfibigt @stuart621 @scanman_uk @dsc67 @amzikins @lynesk @realmackaystv This afternoon I am heading upto Glasgow for the olympic parade where I plan to photograph and maybe video off my phone some of it. Well after my visit to Dunblane, Tuesday its the least I can do (and yes I know Andy Murray won't be there). This is from STV News website who is there today. Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Updating time, well its been about 3 weeks

Hello everyone I hope we are all good. Well lets say whats been happening in past 3 weeks. Last time I had just moved back to Cumnock. 1. I have been on less buses 2. It takes 10 minutes to get to rugby club. Firstly I had a number of people in town about a house warming, 2 problems. 1. I didn't want every person I know in pub to come to my house, 2. It wasn't everyone that helped me move, it was the guys in rugby club. So I think about this, number one my parents came last Tuesday 5th September, couldn't hold it before then.
So I made a plan. I knew the 1st xv were playing Hyndland FP on Saturday 8th, which are based for playing at Scotstoun (same place as Glasgow Warriors). So I sent a small facebook event to the people who moved me. Some of them were busy with work and others already had plans, but a few people said yes. Now on Saturday we won 76-10 including 15 tries so to say the whole team were very happy, would be an understatement, but that is only the first game. I want 17 other performances in league like that! So when I say in changing room I am having a housewarming, that gets quite a lot of attention and the fact I had bought beer
Thats is only some of the beer. I had John Smiths, blue WKD and crisps and my club biscuits. It started slowly with Stevie, Sandra, Morton while Andy Murray was playing and even had x factor on. I gave everyone who visited a tour of the house. I also set a deadline of the fact I was going to pub at 11pm to get everyone out. It was to goto rugby at East Kilbride next morning, but at 10pm I realised having a drink with people in meant I wasn't going to be feeling good at 7.30am and help with team, so I phoned Rab and let him know (before it was too late). So when Andy Murray was at end of semi final nearly the whole 1st XV arrived with girlfriends, I think it was nearly 20 people in my house, which made it nice and warm. Here are the photos image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host at 11pm I went to several pubs and I said it was one of the greatest days I have had. I woke up at about 9am, quite tired and just about got through next day. Then Monday night after fully recovering from weekend I watched Andy Murray match from 9pm on Sky Sports and went along and watched the whole match. I had only put a fiver on Murray at 9/4 which I got last night. I watched it until the end and Andy won at 2.05am and I was getting up at 7.30. I hoped I would fall asleep quickly, I went to sleep about 2.40am Well after getting WWE stuff to Stuarts family I decided to google how long to goto Dunblane. It showed I could go there at get back about 8pm, that seemed fine, after dealing with all my business. So I headed for bus to Auchinleck and got train to Glasgow Central. I got there at 13.32. I walked the right route and got to Queen Street 13.40. When I looked up route it was 14.10 but I got there and there was 13.48. I got to Dunblane about 2.40pm. I went round Dunblane, got a nice photo of post box in gold and basically got train back to Glasgow at 1605. I did a couple of things in Glasgow which were good and got 1742 train down. image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host The one thing I might be a bit negative on Dunblane folk, I only saw 2 shops celebrating Andy Murray's win. They could learn a lot from Auchinleck and every shop saying good luck to Talbot (even if I aint a fan), but Auchinleck people know how to make it look good. Last night I went to quiz and won play your cards right for only £28, we won the quiz as well so I said yesterday was a lucky day, so you never know Andy Murray winnining US Open maybe have made it a lucky day, I hope it continues. So lets see what happens today.