Friday, 29 October 2010

This week so far

Health is ok the now, still feel fine.

On Tuesday I was down at rugby club watching new tills come in. It lasted for a while but we got there. My team got me there and I got home in time for dinner. Went to quiz Tuesday night and we were 2nd or 3rd. I got bus home with 1 minute to spare.

Wednesday I caught up with some telly. Saw Stuart (a regular reader of this) and did wwe stuff.
I went back home and watched even more telly until 7pm where I headed for Club. It was quiz night and our team won again. Watching Batman movies may not be great, but you know who the pengiun is.

Thursday morning I was at EACH for 915. Got my bloods done and got a physio assessment. There is a class in afternoon that I can goto to see how I actually am physically. One of the physios I already knew from time in hospital.

Thursday afternoon I headed to Glasgow and Braehead. As some of you know me and Ian are going to WWE Smackdown, but I had never been to Braehead arena, but I know now how to get in.

I headed back to Glasgow on the bus and got lunch. Trouble was when I was at lunch this place had wifi but I couldn't use twitter, grrr.

At 7pm Tron Legacy was being shown at Glasgow Science Centre IMAX. As you guys may have known I had a free voucher to see 23 minute preview which opens fully on my birthday. When we went to seats we were told it was a sell out. I think what happenned was all the vouchers were taken but not everyone came because there was seats left. Now this is my first 3d movie and as you know I wear specs. When text came on the screen I know I had to put my normal glasses on and the IMAX 3d specs fit infront of normal glasses.

The film looks amazing (I opened my mouth at 3d graphics and the prespective (wow!)). Some of it is in 2d but you still keep glasses on. The screen is HUGE. The staff in Glasgow Science Centre are really helpful, bubbly (even the projectionist) who was getting people watching the film to talk on camera. I had said no to it. I dont tend to do cameras. I promised at the end I would do a blog on it, so here it is.

I headed back to Glasgow and got 9pm bus to Kilmarnock then headed for train station as I discovered there was a 9.51pm train to Auchinleck which gave me 10 minutes to get from Bus Station to Train Station. Did that easily.

Right I am going to do my twitter #followfridays next:-

I use followfriday for people who actually interact with me (with only a few exceptions) so if you want on this list, interact with me (that excludes spammers)!

Tomorrow, Butlins reunion at Rabbies Bar Ayr in afternoon, better not drink too much Irn Bru. Next Cumnock RFC Halloween Party and Charity Halloween Party at Royal.

Sunday just quite day down at rugby.

You all have a great Friday.