Thursday, 13 December 2012

Twit Ayr

Hello, just a quick one this morning. Though I had better talk about last night. Started at Saffy's and we were in time, well I was 2nd last there. Now before I went I tried to make sure that nothing at rugby would happen that would interupt, WRONG as usual. The astroturf at Cumnock Academy was OFF for 2nd week in a row and I text our team to tell them it was off and put it on facebook and website. Now at 6.20 as I was ordering I get call to change it because primary 6/7 are going to Catrine Games Hall at 7pm, can I change this. The wifi in Saffy's wasn't working but I somehow get it done on facebook and website. After that I get my Tomato and red pepper soup which was very nice, perfect temperature, even though I had to finish stuff on my phone. Next up I have the cagun chicken which has rice and a sauce. Now I made sure during day I didn't eat that much, so I have plenty of apetite. I just about finish meal in about 5 minutes and then phone rings. After finishing the main I talk to Bobby about stuff. I have the chocolate fudge cake, delicious. We then walk over to LA Bowl, "The Eagle" Michael wins the lazer quest and bowling. It's been a long time since I was at lazer quest and I get third after doing lots of moving about. We go down to the bowling and on xbox I am quite good at bowling (about 186 is my record). I had forgot the weight of a bowling ball. My name was chaos (after the lazer quest name). The first 2 rack ups i gutter the ball. I slowly remember how much to fling the ball down. I think I have no chance. Then I start getting an 8 then next end a 3 and i start getting the rythum back. By the end after a strike and spare I end at about 65 and finish 3rd from 6, great. The Eagle soared again and Ben was 2nd about 30/40 infront of me. Michael even got a serious photo of me preparing (this was after the strike which he couldn't get). I went and saw it was just after 9pm and I say I can get the 915 bus so I get to pub in Cumnock (I wasn't drinking then getting the bus back to Cumnock). It was a good finish in Cumnock as well. So cheers Ian, Ben, Michael, Michael, Iain for a great night. Today has more club stuff today and I hope this game goes ahead on Saturday!