Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cumnock pictures from today, Thursday 2 December

Yesterday I was asked for Cumnock pictures.

The roads are definately getting gritted as you can see from the pictures I took today.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


This hasn't been too bad a week. I know the East coast of Scotland has had a lot of snow. Well done to Tour Scotland showing whats happening around here (including getting me to take pictures when I had just started my dinner tonight, I turned it off).
, good
I got the email from o2 saying your phone bill is there. After 2/3 minutes of not being able to login I got to my screen. I had to pay a deposit for my iphone and December is when I get it back. So it was covered my mobile bill. Thats good. With the news on esa this week, thats a good week.

I also get my Christmas bonus next week.

Thursday it's physio at noon. The apprentice wasn't bad tonight, I thouoght the boys would lose, but they were great negotiators. Laura had to go out the girls.

Sunday has now been cleared as the mini rugby isn't at Cumnock Academy Astroturf on now. I hope you are all getting ready for christmas, still got a bit to do.

Monday, 29 November 2010

William Farrell Soundcloud

I like this stuff, how about you guys.

Sweet Dreams by william farrell

Back together by william farrell

Truth by william farrell

The settler by william farrell

Good news

I just got my post.

As some of you out there know I am on Employment Support Allowance and I had an assessment which said nothing was stopping me working. My comment to that is rubbish! There is plenty of established medical facts that show different.

Now I appealed that decision with my team from East Ayrshire and other agencies and I got the news today in the post the decision has been changed in my favour and no independent tribunal will be held.

Thank you to all the people out there that have and continue to help me, you know I don't list you for confidentiality.

Thats good news, I've cheered many times since I got this post, all myself.

Addicted to love

Right, this is me "singing" to Addicted to Love which Wagner did on Xfactor. I know I don't sing, I generally shout, maybe entertain, some people think so.

Before this someone had asked me to sing It's Chico Time and they got me a pint for doing it. That was fun, even with my slant on it.