Thursday, 22 November 2012

Well its raining Outside

I know I only did a blog on Tuesday, but felt it about right time to do another one. Tuesday Night I went to Royal Quiz we I won our team the play your cards right £99 between us (I was much happier this time). We won the quiz as well! So I decided to see Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Wednesday. I knew I had enough time to goto Ayr and get back in plenty of time for training on Wednesday night. So I got 11am bus, walked upto Odeon and watched it. I have seen the right, it felt a little bit wierd at the start but it got into the flow of things quite soon. It was a good length movie. I enjoyed it. As usual I don't want to give spoilers about the movie. I got the 2.45pm bus home and that was good. Training was good at night. Today came and all the rain. I was at East Ayrshire Community Hospital for my INR to be checked. It was good. I am not back until Valentines Day, me and Ali spoke briefly about Halloween and the photo she had took, check this link to another of my blog entries to see what I am talking about. Well after that I walked down to club and got this sight at bridge.
After doing my stuff at club I took some photos near Woodroad Park.
I got a can of juice at TC's and talked stuff and then headed to precinct for Greggs for lunch. Below is view from bridge next to precinct.
I have watched some news and put this on Cumnock Rugby Club website after getting answers on 2nd XV games and decided to do this blog. I hope this isn't too boring for you and if your travelling far or just round here, take care.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Well a week past, another international

Well hopefully you all enjoyed last weeks blog. Well I went back across to Edinburgh on Saturday for Scotland V South Africa. Now before I dispear to international I put on facebook, does this stop people phoning, texting, emailing me when I am in Edinburgh (or going there), NO! Firstly we had a sportsman Dinner in there the night before which I had been in bar until about 8.15pm. My phone rings heading from Glasgow to Edinburgh is the game on the big screen, well I didn't know until I got a text fae tober saying yes, the staff are on. So in between Livingston and Edinburgh in a bus with no wifi post on facebook that the club was open. It just got online to do it. Now I haded to my Novohotel in Edinburgh Central, near the castle. I put my bag in and found out where my mates were, so I travelled across to Murrayfield Hotel It was quite busy, but I got in. At about 2.40 we went across to Murrayfield for the game.
Well what can I say about the game, I thought Scotland played better against New Zealand, the wide guys didn't have a chance, there were some wrong decisions being made. After the game we went back to Murrayfield Hotel, but we couldn't get in. It took like 20 minutes to get a drink from beer tent. We eventually got in ALL of us! We had a few more beers and Andy McCane came on after all the rugby, I really enjoyed him. Nobody was complaining and it was a great night. Rab Donald booked a chineese restaurant called Chineese Manor House Restaurant, I did a review for trip advisor as well as follows There was 11 of us, we reserved this restuarant at 7pm and ate at 8pm. We had got taxi from pub after Scotland V South Africa game. We had 6 starters between all of us, all with flavour, perfect temperature, they were great. Then we had 11 main meals. I had some of the beef curry to start after that. It wasnt too warm, which is great for me and then I had some of beef chow main which I enjoyed so much, after abotu a third plus other other stuff I have had had got me filled. We all paid about £15 quid each to what we had. If you want a good chineese in Edinburgh, go there. The rest of the table finished all the table and nobody had any faults with it.
Then it got really interesting, I had put my bag into my hotel but hadn't checked in yet, so as I thought at this point we were all staying in the same hotel, we all headed away in taxis. I get the the hotel and think, this doesn't look like mine, it wasn't. There are 2 Novohotels in Edinburgh, one in centre of edinburgh and other at Edinburgh Park, next to City Bypass. Everyone else was staying at Park one, ****** So they phone a taxi for me back to Edinburgh Central (£15 that cost me). I wasn't very pleased. I tell Stewart and Donna to tell the rest of them before I was away. So I get to my hotel and I check in and they give me a keycard and 2nd floor, so I head up lift, card doesn't work. After it getting recoded and receptionist coming up to check door, it still doesn't work (I hoped it wasn't me doing it wrong, it wasn't). I get moved rooms to 4th floor and it works 1st time, phew. It's just after 11pm and I phone Stewart tell him I am in room now. It didn't take me long to get to sleep in the double bed, the room was very good. It's exactly what I needed after a LONG DAY, a enjoyable but LONG DAY. I watch Match Of The Day in morning, Fantasy Football was ok this week, I got nearly 50 points, but most people had a good week as well. I went down to Two Thin Laddies for breakfast. I also put a review on trip Advisor for there as well. I went there on Sunday morning after Scotland v South Africa game because I needed a good breakfast after a long day, day before. I ordered the full breakfast but holding beans, mushrooms and tomato. I got Sausages, bacon fried egg, white coffee and toast. It was perfect temperature, good quality food they were using and friendly atmosphere, even music played was a very good idea. For £8.50 I paid including coffee it was just I needed. When i go back to edinburgh, thats where I would get breakfast. When I took my photo it looked so good I had forgot to take the photo before starting.
After that I phoned Rab to see how he was and I went out on train from Haymarket to Edinburgh Park (5 minutes) and met them up and I headed home (Stewart hadn't told him about the hotels). When I was waiting for train I needed to update Under 15 game was off and when I was coming back between Strathaven and Muirkirk I got trouble with oven. I was watching my phone too much and lets just say I had a lie down when I got home for 2 hours. I never like that Strathaven to Muirkirk road, it's very twisty. I was feeling fine in the morning but not then. Later on after my snooze, I did my usual with Cumnock Rugby Club website after my nap and got lots of match reports and then facebook and twitter after I got sent the match reports. Monday was some club stuff as normal and today is really the morning I watched Raw and Arrow from last night. Enjoy the read.