Friday, 28 December 2012

December 28th 2012

Well I felt like doing a blog today to deal with a few views. As you may notice I have had to change my header. Current Buns site was closed because of a MPs views. I have to respect Martin (editor) for what he did. Tgoat is keeping up his capping on his blog, keep checking out his hard work and thanks Michael for all you do. Now I am going to do a selected #ff from the telly (roughly). First the funniest Anchorman out there, John Mackay who is great in Glasgow, can do the serious until you read his morning hoocha. Next a very nice woman I nearly met. Back in July I went to wet, wet, wet concert at Glasgow Green and couldnt say hello to Kelly Ann Woodland. After it I spoke to her on twitter about nearly going across. I Hope she enjoyed her first christmas married, even though she on yesterday. Right, even though she does Newcastle weather which isn't where I am Hannah Bayman is hard working. Delivering Quality First has meant we don't see much of Hannah now, but atleast she is still there (unlike some other regions). On a kinda side track we have a Newcastle lass called Claire Wynarczyk. She goes to more concerts than me, which considering I went to JLS, Wet wet wet, Killie dirty weekender, steps this year is getting harder. She was a games maker at Wembley in London 2012 which automatically gives her plus points. Ive never met her but is always nice. Right thats enough about telly. After twit ayr I have still had some busy times. Last Wednesday I was in for Stella to be put in for so long until I met Frank in Ayr. We went to Frankies & Bennys and it was good, better than time before. Last Friday I went upto Glenrothes to give my nephew Christmas Presents and came back by 4pm. I was down in club for Whisky Tasting and Raffle that night, that all ended at 10pm. I relaxed up the street and had a good night sleep. On Saturday I had birthday party to open for, after that I went to Catrine for Childrens Christmas Party. Thanks for everyone there that helped. I was trying to help make sure everything was organised for it and it appeared a success to me anyway. I watched the strictly final and thought Louis 2nd dance was great, thats what got me voting. On Monday I went upto Fife at 11.45 and got to sisters about 5pm. I spent a few days in Fife, coming back yesterday. There isnt a lot I can say about Fife. Last night at Royal our team won the quiz by 1 point, but it was a win. That covers it, I hope you all have a great New Year (Hogmanay).