Thursday, 7 October 2010

I had better say goodnight, thats me starting to yawn. Don't forget to read my blog for jokes and me.

Twitter has went wierd just there.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hello folks

Right little update time again.

Health- I am feeling good again. But I don't like mature cheese. I just don't like it.
Just had one of my team today and she was ok how I am doing even though a couple of things have changed.

Rugby- I am keeping myself very busy there. Just finished my poster for October social events in the club. Friends and Formers Players Day, Quiz (now £150 approx), Halloween Party (organised by Girls teams). Also the use of Cumnock Academy cage has had some time devoted to that. Also the senior players/coaches/officials Curry Night at Jewel Restaurant in Cumnock to advertise. Also include me at games and helping in club. Don't worry, people keep an eye on me. I did a report for Cumnock Stormers this week and the Cumnock Chronicle added some of it's own words which I didn't like.

Music - I have lots of music on my phone, Calvin Harris, Usher, The Ghosties, Jon Allen, Emma's Imagination, Foo Fighters, Eminem, Katy Perry and Chasing Vegas

Thats me. You all take care out there.

Family - I am heading to see Sally on Saturday and coming back Monday. I hope she knows what she wants for her birthday!

Other stuff - Ryder Cup. Well done Graeme McDowell on scoring the point we needed on Monday.
I have watched the end of series 3 of Chuck. It's a good job I have sky or I wouldn't get series 4 as it is on Living from 14th October. I am looking forward to it (especially Stacy Kiebler in nerd herd uniform). My iphone I have got used to. Rugby scorer app doesn't work as the timer isnt accurate. Also tv wise really enjoying NCIS: Los Angeles and Stargate Universe and Smallville ofcourse.

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