Friday, 30 December 2011

followfriday for 2011

Now I am doing a special followfriday blog for all the people who you really should follow. Firstly I am going to start with Fatbuzz, apart from their outtake video they have taught me a lot about social media including facebook, twitter which I use in all the organisations I use. I even have 2 QR codes for my facets, pity not many people read them. So even though I haven’t done the breakfast in a while I still do listen. So you can thank them for my other projects with CumnockRFC and CumnockTCs. Threefromleith gives me great tunes from a whole load of sources and Grant’s stories and quite good. They must take him some time to script. His podcasts sound nothing like my youtube videos or audioboos/soundclouds. Keep up the good work Grant. I finish the podcasts with thethumbcast who are funny, generally talk sense. BUT it is not for children. Now the first person you should follow who freely gives advice out and has a couple of thousand followers but still answers people, tourscotland. Sandy is the best. I used to list jokes on my blog but after some advice I do not. My blog is slightly more child friendly. If you want to know anything about Scotland Sandy probably knows the answer, or someone who does. The only celebrity I know really listens to my alternative point of view is John Mackay from STV News. As you will discover I cap several female presenters on currentbunsuk website but I nearly never get replies from any of them. John embraced social media even more this year and I get replies quite a lot, as much as my other followers. So Mr Anchorman thank you. Unfortunately for John Current Buns is for women. The next logical step is currentbuns. Back at the start of the year after I had got sky and years of seeing these caps and asked tgoatcapper (Michael) how I should do it. I did plan to buy a dvd recorder so I can put them on DVDs and cap from there, but I never got round to that. So I basically (much to some derision of some friends) I take videos from iplayer/stvplayer/youtube and make stills of them. So that is why I was classified as the New Scottish one who does BBC London (which is live) and Scotland. I realise Tgoat does a lot of other areas and his quality is a lot better so mine wouldn’t be used. It also helped (me) when BBC London changed it format and got travel and weather done by same person in mornings, which not everyone likes. I would talk about some of the people I cap, but I don’t think they will read this anyway. There would be 1 exception to the above being Hannah Bayman who is a weather presenter/reporter in Newcastle and has in the past replied to me. It was Paul Mooney I met when I bought the Look North CIN calendar. Martin who runs the site must get bored with me tweeting him I have caps of a particular person. I have never met the guys, but there 2 of the best I know. One other thing Tgoat runs a blog as well, which drives quite a lot of traffic to my blog, so thank you again. Now one of the things I like to do is interacting with others, that is where by #ff is based. I like replies to tweets. To that end the Ayrshire massive get some mentions. Acw86 _Alexham Weeyin13 Sunnythesurf Tookiebunten (and a bit further) EmployedJo Thank you. There is a pile others I know I have forgot, I know that, my apologies. I hope you all out there have a great Hogmanay, mines looks as if it will include a lot of Cumnock RFC stuff. There is also a pile of people I know as mates out there that have started using twitter, but I want to see how they get on with it. Bye from me the now. So if you don’t follow me I am Thomasc1973 on twitter, but I will check if you just try to sell me stuff (the accounts on locked), I am picky now.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Well the weekend

Well lets go through last weekend. Here is the link to my facebook photos. I aint loading them twice. Wednesday started with going over to Ian's and giving him his 40th birthday present. On Thursday at the sun he sang tunes all night and I think had fun.
Friday I was around club with BT engineers and just chilling up in TC's later. I had fun that night. Worst bit was going to taxi office later than usual and so getting closing time rush, but we got home for a very good price. Saturday was my 38th birthday. I wrapped more xmas presents for Cumnock and then headed across to Asda for shopping and see minis bagpacking. I then got taxi home via precinct and watched some Heineken Cup at home. At 5.40 I finished watching Glasgow Warriors draw and headed down to rugby club for raffle and pre xmas parties. Had a bit of fun until I had to work in the bar for a short period (I didn't want to be doing bar, but got no choice for a short time). I am glad I didnt join the drinking games that was going on. At 9pm I headed upto Tc's and Vendetta were on. Got their 1st set and saw rugby mates over in royal before heading back across to TC's to see end. I got chineese after leaving but fell on ice (I hate that stuff), I didn't bruise myself. I got home at my usual time. Saturday was different to the usual Saturday. Sunday I got up at 10am. Got some stuff done before I had some visitors. I went across to Catrine for rugby training and that was good. Rab Donald gave me a new chair for the living room, he even pulled the heavy bit up my stairs.
Around 4pm I headed across to Royal Hotel In Cumnock for dinner. The lentil soup was very warm and not skinny. I then had roast beef with potatoes and veg and yorkshire pudding. I was going to have a sweet, but I was actually full. On Monday I saw mum again, got some things from her's and headed home before schools finished for day. At night I went to committee meeting at club.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


This is this years xmas giving to us all (not for kids)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Fatherson @ Arches

I saw these guys many months ago at Ayr and were really nice guys.

I did like them on facebook.

So I was surprised when I saw them on youtube as well and just watched their current video about The Arches.

So they said on their video their gig was a sell out, but then it was moved to a bigger area. This is the link to buy tickets. The gig is on Sunday 18th December. I am busy that evening unfortunately.

The guys are on BBC Introducing with Ally McCrae On Sunday 11th December at midnight.

Good Luck guys.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

hello again

How are we all out there. At 1.15pm when I got home, it hailstoned.

Well talks about what's happening with me. Its been a few weeks since i did this.

Rugby wise we had no games this weekend. There have still been a few functions thought. The 50th anniversary Sportsmans dinner was great. You had to be there.

Next Sunday the P5 and p6 are playing at Glasgow warriors vrs Helensburgh. Goodluck boys and girls involved. We have a mini midi committee meeting tomorrow and some of that will come up.

I had a load of presents at home for people at fife, and had planned to go last weekend, but games came up and I stayed (and it wasn't suitable for Fife people because of private stuff).

So on Friday I wrapped up the presents to go across and thought about going across on Saturday and coming back same day.

So here is the itinery of what happenned that day (24 hour clock)
0620 Got out of bed and put gas on (it had ran out overnight)
0635 Got Coffee
0700 Got bath and did all the usual.
0720 Got nice clothes on.
0735 Got Glasgow Bus (just in time).
0745 Text Terri (David might be in bed)
0855 Arrive Glasgow - went and spoke to RBS (yes open Saturday) about android app which doesnt work for me and a roll for breakfast.
0930 Left for St Andrews.
1145 Arrive in Cupar (they were shopping).
1200 Found them and had coffee and passed over presents. Also phoned nephew to tell him I was in Fife. (1 hour off bus)
1310 Left Cupar for Glenrothes
1330 Arrive Glenrothes, spoke to nephew David and gave him presents. It was a good chat.
1415 Left for Leven to see Sally.
1440 Saw Sally, Alex and Xander for an hour (total nearly three hours NOT TRAVELLING SO FAR) and handed over last presents.
1550 Left Leven for Glasgow
1800 Arrive Glasgow, get quick snack (im hungry)
1820 Got bus to Kilmarnock.
1905 Arrive Kilmarnock and wait for X76 down home.
2000 Home, phew!

So was I busy, wait I haven't finished yet.

So what do you do after a day like that.

On the Friday I got an email from Braehead Aerena, JLS had a second date on 24th April 2012.

I check the price and availability on ticketmaster. It was about £36 and there were seats left. Ya Dancer!

So I phoned up RBS Ticket Service (yes I get that).

This is the result:-
Event Details 
Event Date   
Cash-back Amount
JLS BRAEHEAD ARENA BLOCK * ROW * SEAT* 24/04/2012 19:30:00 1 9.65



(No I aint giving you my details).

So what do you do after a mad day in Fife, you buy an ex x factor act (which I dont watch (XFACTOR)) in April and after cashback not pay £30 (whose album I have on Spotify).

On Wednesday its lunch and its a couple of weeks until my birthday (38 YO).

So that is probably enough from me.


Monday, 21 November 2011

Ayr Christmas Lights with Jai McDowall

Well Sunday I went to Ayr High Street to watch the Christmas lights being switched on. I got there about 3.55 as McMan from West FM came on stage. I stood need to Bon Marche as it was just off where people were walking and under cover, even though it was dry. The first couple of singers were good. Non Jovi were having quite a bit of trouble singing. A man smoking next to me lit up when they wanted more participation, ah well. It was also good to see Frenchie from West Fm (the travel guy). Jai was amazing at the singing as proved by most of my youtube videos (when the sound went on my phone slightly bad for 1). I headed back to bus station, was going to get 6.35 bus, but it was packed, so I got 6.50 which wasn't. I got home and did rugby reports which I had been sent. So enjoy the blog (I hope).

Thursday, 10 November 2011 Well a late night blog from me. Tuesdays lunch was good. I had muscles, I dont know why, but I did. Next I had a minute steak with fries. It was good as well. The coca cola is still £2.10 per bottle. I almost feel like buying a pint of beer, but I dont. Then I went back to Ayr and bought some Xmas presents and headed back on 5pm bus from Ayr to Cumnock via Drongan. As you may see up the top it is Stuart Walker funeral in Cumnock Thursday 11.30am and so we were talking about that. Thats the bus some of us met Stuart. I headed straight to Cumnock Rugby Club as I wasnt getting one bus 5.40 and getting another one 6.20. I just went straight there. After training and club stuff I went to quiz and was RUBBISH at play your cards right. I got 3 goes and never got past first line. It wasnt my day. I also saw someone win money from a amusement machine afetr someone told me not to play it (it wasnt a small amount). I also saw during the day that the heineken Cup was going to be in Glasgow Wednesday. So at 9.50am I went to Glasgow on bus. Went along to Greaves Sports in Gordon Street and held the Heineken Cup for a few seconds. Greaves took a photo (but they havent put it on facebook yet). I took a photo with my photo, which is above. I then went and bought more xmas presents while in Glasgow and headed back home for 2pm. Wednesday was turning out to be a good day after Tuesday not really being. I then watched some telly, got some new tunes from Spotify and headed down to Cumnock at 9pm. Double checked time tomorrow and then went and got a pint, the amusement machine won for me tonight. I am definately happy tonight. So that is about it. See you all soon.

Monday, 7 November 2011

The weekend

Hello, well I will start here: thats the fireworks I saw Sunday night in Cumnock at Murray Park at 6.30pm, if you follow me on twitter the grass had less people on it than at the roadside beside Caponacre. Right so I went to Isle of Mull on Saturday with Cumnock RFC. The Oban fireworks was the night before, so we couldnt miss them. Cumnocks fireworks were 30 minutes but I wasnt filming that much, I wanted to enjoy them. I aint going to talk result. Today I took a trip down to ENGLAND, Carlisle. The BBC Look North children in need calendar is for sale and Paul Mooney was selling them in centre of Carlisle, so I headed down on train to buy 1 from Auchinleck.
Now I think Paul is about 5ft 8, 5ft 10in. I am 6ft 3 so I had a height advantage, I am the bloke that came from Auchinleck in Ayrshire, if he can remember big 30 something me. I forgot to get a picture with him. So if I can travel to Carlisle then probably the rest of you can buy one online at this link. Right thats the sale pitch over. I also took a few photos when I was in Carlisle
and now we are home. Now tonight is my mini/midi committee meeting at 7pm, so I had better disapear, tomorrow I am away to Prestwick, after watching WWE Raw.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Fireworks at home (not mine)

Just some fireworks from tonight.

Warning, funny adult video

Right I have kept this area clean for a while, but this video is funny.

Tookiebunten (go visit his site here)

Tookie put this on google+ (I have 37 people who circle on my google+

So I know I have done jokes for a while, but in this case, you have been warned. I understand 95% of it myself.

Right other stuff I have been doing, well tomorrow the 1st XV goto play Isle of Mull, so I have been checking what we can do in Oban while we are around there and trying to make sure everyone knows what time we are leaving (its early).

So I hope Sean Batty gives us a good weather forecast for Saturday

Now unfortunately Sean wont get posted to currentbunsuk where I do other ones,
Thats Eleanor Bradford and Stefani Dailly, go to the site (hopefully) to get more.

My last reminder for today is have a great fireworks weekend (wherever you go to see them and keep safe) and dont forget all my sites that I have something admin to do with (not telly) are on my QR code.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Think its time I came here again

Well hello everyone, I know I went quiet slightly there but I had my reasons.

On the rugby front I was glad the minis beat Ayr on Sunday with a good performance. I am slightly more educated on rugby now after doing a rugby ready course in Hamilton.

On Saturday there the 2nd XV played Dalziel 4th XV, unfortunately I forgot my usual tracksuit bottoms and wore my years. My jeans got soaked to the skin. It was horrendous. After the game, I changed into shorts and got in a taxi home to get changed.

The Halloween party in rugby club looked a very good success. I disapeared upto TC's Bar on Saturday night for Johns Halloween Party. I knew I had rugby the Sunday, so I got the last bus home (and watched Indian GP Sunday morning fresh). I have also been helping TCs by doing some setup of its facebook and twitter pages. Go like and follow, I hope we get as big as James Bunten's facebook profile.

Some of you will notice on my blog I have a Kimtag.

It should all the links I work with.

Otherwise on telly, Terra Nova is ok, but not 60 million that was spent. Thw wrestling is stepping up with Survivor Seies the next PPV, Finally the rock is tag teaming with John Cena to beat Awesome Truth. I will see you all soon and take care of each other.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

@darkflare and other ayrshire peeps

Right Iain has put this post out.
This is some from his entry:-

Possible subjects for the blog could be:

general website advice
getting started with social media
social media branding/visual identity tips
web design process (on new sites)
logo development process

I like the first three as especially discussed at twitayr, not everyone out there uses the tools well. People tend to need advice about websites, social media is needed by most companies unless there coca cola or someone that size. Some big organisations dont get social media.

For example (but not the only one) is Prestwick Airport and its twitter feed

They really dont bar 1 example talk about flight information for itself, it could make itself a lot more useful or really a lot. Look at the amount of people following Glasgow Airport and the info. So you can see you can do social media in various ways, sometimes just for piecemeal.

I dont know how many will want to learn web design processes for new sites or developing logo. Branding is important though. I know it took me about 20 hours initially to learn a useful amount of web design, so I am not sure people will want to sit around for that.

I am sure Iain you know what kind of pricing you need to deploy and seeing as this aint my job doing it for other people, I cant really help.

Other guys and girls out there, give Iain your thoughts. Iain is on twitter and even google+

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Audioboo and other things

thursday fae me (mp3)

Well that was the audioboo. Then a few minutes later I got an email about micro rugby, which gave me 20 minutes of web work.

Then Ian text me, I dont think I need to say anything about that (your not getting it anyway).

I got across to shop to buy milk, I got my breakfast and went to rugby. The event went quite well. I ended up refereeing 6 games (yes I am slightly tired, but was wearing my boots). I was still around there until 3pm. I saw Brian Loy in the precinct and he said Ann was away for flu jab, which I had forgot to get. So I headed across to health centre and asked for my flu jab. I left there 4pm after getting it.

I have had my dinner and I am back at club at 7pm (not the usual time).

I hope you all have a good weekend, even though I know some out there wont.

Bye for now.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Soundcloud fae Sunday night

Morning, I took a few recordings of people singing in TC's. Thankfully I didn't record myself.

More at Tcs Bar by thomasblah

Heather at Tcs Bar by thomasblah


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Telly Stuff

Hello well with CurrentbunsUK moving I though I better load some photos out there that I have done today.

First the lady who just came back Judith RalstonLaura Haldane and Lisa Gallagher