Monday, 31 January 2011

Hello, its Monday 31st January

Well how are we all.

I have been kept busy at rugby as usual. Went to Newton Stewart RFC on Saturday, there is a lot of twisty roads on the road down there and I didn't really enjoy it.


Saturday night was a bit better.

There is lots more videos on my youtube channel.

I got up at 8.10am for Andy Murray match. Not much else I can say about that.
I next headed to Sunday Market where I need a video recorder as my normal one is away.
Got one fairly cheap.
Next I headed over to Ayr Rugby Club to watch Cumnock s1 & s2 plays there. After finding Rozelle Park I watched.

I went back to rugby club after games and after getting home watched Got To Dance on sky1, the first semi-final. I wanted Luke but he didn't get through to finals. Its better than X Factor.

After that I headed to Cumnock and had some fun down there.

I have now watched the Royal Rumble, but I aint going to give the result away. I also watched Top Gear and it was its usual this weekend.