Wednesday, 27 June 2012

So whats been happening

Well I had better catch up with you guys and girls. firstly my twitter is on open most of the time now, so follow me @thomasc1973 Last week BBC Iplayer changed its live feed to go back 2 hours. It means I can pause it and not have to rush through to get 6/8 images when I can take my time and get the right ones and about double the amount. Thankfully we are getting nearer summer so I like the outfits. I went and saw Prometheus 3d, I didn't realise before I went it was the prequel to Alien. I wouldn't say it's a bad movie, but I picked the wrong one for me. It is a 15. On Sunday we had at the club our awards day for the youth, that was a long day. From being there about 930am until finishing doing stuff at about 4pm, I was kept busy. We set up marquee after the grass had been cut on Thursday was up quite early. We got the sound desk sorted out by about 1045, so I was happy when we finished that, even if the boys switched the power off when I was working on it. I got the last bit of bacon for my roll as all the other coaches had got their first (typical me). I did enjoy my coffee in peace as well though. The micros had a great game and we started selling raffle tickets. David, me and couple of boys sold them during the touch games. After we all came back up I went back to sound desk and played some tunes, which I could accept everyone could listen to. Payphone by Maroon 5 has a non clean version, which when I heard it, changed to the clean version. Then I got to get everyone to come up and get their bbq food, by telling people where to go. Afterwards Harry did some interviewing of some the crowds there. We then got to the awards and that part very well, I even got in a photo I was happy to be in, unfortunately you arent getting it on here, join our website and if you are allowed you can view them there. When we got to the raffle Rab Donald was shouting up the winners of raffle prizes, but he was a bit quiet, not a problem I have so I took the other mic and did some more work on the mic, that was fun while getting rab to get people drawing tickets. Sunday wasn't a bad day. On the concert front I have all my tickets for Steps (this morning), Wet Wet Wet and Football at Hampden in July.
This afternoon I am having lunch with Frank in between Coalhall and Colyton. Check the map on this. I had better say I am glad that Mr John Laurinitis was sacked.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dream Chaser

This is a very good band. Its 2 men and 1 girl, they were in Royal Hotel Sports Bar last night. I have no compaints about them. They are great. Check them out if you can.