Saturday, 18 July 2009

New ice cream

Doesnt it look nice.

i told all of you the ice cream was being done and today after Ann and Myra worked on the window and the rest of ice cream counter. They said does it look nice, I agreed and said I was taking a picture.

So do the rest of you think it look nice.

new blog on bebo

more about little old me

Well I notice its about 60 days since I blogged here, so thought I would do another one. I am still having trouble with old website, so haven't got that running yet. I do have a committee meeting at Cumnock Rugby Club on next Monday to see if I can get a webhost. I cant upload web pages directly from this pc. I continue to use and for the rugby club.

After going to see the Ghosties in ABC2 in Glasgow I decided because I can photos on my phone and publish them on a blog I needed another blog, not for rugby, just me.

So I created another blog called (yeah thomas blah, thought it covered me).

So there I post pics of weather, especially rain in Auchinleck. Thought I have on telly and radio and anything I am getting big into including the trouble in iran a few weeks ago. I have a few people who already know it. I also included a feed of my twitter feeds (I am supposedly 2nd in ayrshire as largest user). Linda knows how much tweeting can be easy (and I can do it when I am travelling as well).

David was up here a few weeks ago. It was good to see him.

Mum has been seeing Sally and the rest through in fife.

Work; well Rachel has been off sick for a couple of weeks. So I have Myra and Ann assisting me while I still supervise. Unfortunately for them they both don't get the same day off together. Thats just the way we all agree to keep it, especially considering this is the school holidays. Steve and the rest in Essentials do assist us as well.

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bebo blog

Thursday, 16 July 2009

The rain is bad

Thats the rain outside

I need to go out later this afternoon and I hear the rain pouring down. Not good.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Well I thought it was a good name. Hope all the few readers I have are enjoying this. I don't get much feedback apart from twitter when I mention you specifically.

Work. Monday was a lot better, I went at my own pace, not trying to rush around. Just getting the stuff done with Myra. Had to be strict on tills a bit, including moving refunds to one till. Leonie I think is learning more about me. That includes times when I don't say much. I didn't do much when I got home that night. Just did some internet with twitter. I am trying to get not just 6 hours sleep. Lets see how we get on.

Tuesday woke up as usual 6am but no signal for my internet connection (argh). I got to work 8am, sent some faxes, photocopied had breakfast and opened with Ann and Claire later. Got a surprise order in (not too large). It was a nice day. Last night I had quick dinner and went to Cumnock Rugby Club to get a few updates. I am glad to say more members have paid this seasons membership already. It's only 10 training sessions until 1st game though. I just try to remind Under 18s to do Irb laws on rugby website as thats part of the process to play senior rugby.

Other news my friend Michelle (atleast I hope were still friends) is engaged. She announced it on 11 July. She has a very good man. She told me Sunday night as some of you may know I have a crabbit side. She said she told some people and I tried to make a joke out of it, but my bad mood stopped this happenning and I just bit back at her asking stupid things. I had just finished my 10-7 shift and was really tired. There is no excuses for what I did.

I know I have a tough side. I think I need to sometimes, just sometimes I can get me trouble with friends.

Ok, change the subject: TV AND RADIO

Chris Moyles has been very funny in the morning I am glad to say and glad he has a new contract for 12 more months. I wish he would do Strictly Come Dancing. Chris also basically doesn't like the Sun because they print lies about him. End of that subject.

Holly Willoughby is joining Philip Schofield on ITV This Morning from September. Very good decision.

Snedwan, I just listened to your latest podcast.

That woman, its good you are closing the subject
Paris, very unfair you getting a good French team. I hope you complete your plan. Glad the walking helped you for Great North Run.
The last point was also very good.

Barry Snedden gave me a mention of Kigndom FM last week on air. I didn't know he was going to do that. Cheers Barry.

I also got another of my tweets read on Quest Means Business on CNNI about working Sundays. It probably helped I tweet almost immediately after he put the question out.

Also I won a competition on twitter along witha few other from The Green Welly on Friday. They announced the winners today.

I also enjoyed reading Caldjr blog on last week. Hard work.

Oh and Cumnock Chronicle has joined twitter.

It my day off tomorrow. Lets see what happens then.

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Sunday, 12 July 2009

This weekend

Well what an interesting weekend. Friday got paid and got some stuff paid. The 90 hours fortnights are showing a benefit.

After Cumnock Rugby Club thursday night, I tried to publish website from my computer. I couldn't. I still need to talk to Alex/Harry and a guy we need to speak to.

The players were to have a meeting after training. The guys had a discussion with who was there but another date will be set for them before 1st game.

Work. I am doing the rota for Treasures at the moment and after this week where I struggled with only me +1 member of staff from 4-5 Steve has gave me somebody else.

It's Leoni. She was working Essentials before. I have the rota how I want it now, everybody else seems happy as well. It also means we (Ann and Myra) can get lots of merchandising done. We got a new ice-cream freezer/counter on my day off.

I watched Torchwood ofcourse. I was a bit worried about Captain Jack Harkness just giving up but he sorted it in the end.

Saturday I worked 9-6, it was a very productive day.

Today we still did a lot but the end of the day I could only mop floor after we were closed. I finished at 7pm. I only got home at 8.30pm and used microwave for dinner. Yum.

There isnt a lot else I can say. Colin Mcardle tune last night was good.

I am also glad for twitter, especially Caldjr and SnedwanSnedwan website and his #asksnedwan twitter hashtag.

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