Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Judith Ralston - BBC Reporting Scotland and red nose day

Now as most of you will know I sometimes (less time than before) cap images on television, mostly in Scotland now and I am a fan on facebook of Judith Ralston. Now I saw this picture (hope Judith minds me putting it on my little blog of this picture Judith as part of BBC Scotland is doing something funny for money on Comic Relief night on Friday. The outfit is Madonna. Now last night (Monday) Judith looked like this in Black and White image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host Now to make sure they have a big success don't forget (in the United Kingdom) text march 70005 and you give a fiver or go onto rednoseday website and before you asked I already paid a fiver during Graham Nortons show. Ps for more caps of Judith, goto Breaking News Caps

Monday, 11 March 2013

Well here we go again.

Well I thought I would talk about the weekend there. Lunch was good last Wednesday and I am glad people found the review good. Thursday was pretty good, even with the usual with training at 6pm, by then we knew the 2nd team wasnt playing and so we set up for Saturday. A lot of people must have watched the game at home or Edinburgh as club wasn't busy. Friday was a bit mad at times. I knew there was a party down at club in evening and got asked to let buffet in. The hall got set at the appropriate time (inbetween capping) I left the club about 8.30 after watching some of the scotland U20 game vs Wales. I had fun up the street that night (even dancing). Saturday afternoon I was down in club for scotland game and helped people get ready for another party in Saturday night. I went home at 5pm and stayed in and watched telly and didn't even go out. I was getting up about 7.30 Sunday morning. Sunday in Cumnock was fine until on the bus upto Uddingston the roads got very white, we got there it wasn't white (yet). The players had to get changed in portakabin. The team went down to play and about 10 minutes in a blizzard started. The game was stopped. The team were not going to get frozen. This is a picture from out at the clubhouse (which was open now) when we got over there. We came back to Cumnock for 2pm and I went and ate something before I was back at club at five oclock. I sang bad again at karaoke last night in Sun Inn. Today has been catching up with NCIS: LA and Hawaii 5-0 and top gear Africa and well done James May on finding source. This week should be quite until the weekend when it is all rugby. Friday the girls teams are playing at Murrayfield in the evening, Saturday the 1st XV are playing Moffat and there is a bus there and Sunday is Dumfries Mini Festival (I hope the weather is better). So next weekend will be busy. Everyone seems to be liking the pony advert, but if you like a different version, try tgoat's 1 last thing, raw is starting at midnight UK time with the time changing in america, thankfully my sky+ already knew that.