Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wednesday 18th April and beyond

I know its late, but I aint tired yet. Well tonight was the Cumnock RFC monthly Quiz. There was me, Barclay and Rodger in our team and we only finished 3rd, not far behind though. Worst bit for me was Play Your Cards Right. I was put up and I usually try to be logical on numbers and direction to go. I got to the last card to turn with a 6 and asked higher or lower. I went higher. It went 4. It was for £150 (between 3 of us). A few weeks ago in Royal I won £27 for play your cards right for 8 of us = a pint each (not £50 each). Other stuff thats happening, well still enjoy NCIS and the usuals. Homeland has got good again. Because Martin down at Currentbunsuk is doing more London News that means I stick more to Scotland. today I got these
Above is Sharon Frew, Wendy Hurrell, Holly Hamilton and Sarah Cruickshank (who I had a good conversation on twitter this morning, cheers from a non speaking gaelic scotsman). I also today did a long email on rugby, you can basically check it via my club news article here As I said I emailed it, unfortunately for some people it was through about 4 different lists on my email account and so they got it multiple times. This afternoon I made it 1 whole list. That should make them happier. Next week is busy for me. On Tuesday I go to Braehead Arena to see JLS (start slagging me now). I booked my hotel in Glasgow already for a very competitive price. I hope I enjoy it. It was back in December I booked for the event. On the Friday (27th April) I am going to New Media Breakfast at Glasgow, so that means Friday get up around 6am (earlier than my normal get up time). It is on facebook, so I am looking forward to it. I have enjoyed some of the changes that have been made to it. After that I have lunch in Ayr around 1pm. I hope it isnt raining too much in Glasgow that morning because I wont want to feed my face all day. So here hope I get tired soon and I will see you all soon.