Friday, 11 May 2012

Prince Charles at Reporting Scotland Part 2

Well firstly thank you to Tgoat, Lyndaa and currentbuns for retweeting my blog yesterday and thank you everyone who read it. The full report was on Reporting Scotland last night and I took the following images from the report:- The man who wrote the scrypt was Christopher Blanchett who thinks he is better than Prince Charles, but Prince Charles did fail the STV Weather audition. Now everyone have a great weekend, i am away with Cumnock RFC to Aberdeen Grammar tomorrow morning on tour.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Prince Charles on Reporting Scotland

I got home today to see Prince Charles doing some of the weather in BBC Scotland, so seeing as I think Martin won't let Prince Charles be on Current Buns, I thought I had better blog them myself.
My favourite line was "wrote wrote this **** scrypt" The article on BBC website can be found here. For you who don't know I am very close to Dumfries House and it was that wet at 1pm. Click here for part 2 of my blog

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Light Up The Background by @thelafontaines

Light Up The Background

The best Rap Band in at least Scotland, from Motherwell are back with a new track. They are called The Lafontaines. The track is called Light Up The background.

Check it out.

A quieter week

Hello Everyone, I hope people are enjoying my blog more, not sure it will be the same this week.
Well last Wednesday my Mum and Andy moved to Fife. There was lots of help when we did the move. As you can see it emptied quiet quickly. There was a lot of stuff getting moved, but that would after living in 1 place for over 40 years (before I was born). Then I relaxed for the rest of Wednesday even though it did feel wierd being in that house for the last time. Thursday was the normal things to do including the ladies coming down getting everything set on the tables for Ladies Day. There was nothing on Friday so that was fine. I jsut created a couple of Spotify playlists for Ladies day and downloaded them onto my phone. I just relaxed Friday night and did my usual shouting at TC's. I knew Saturday was going to be a long day so I wasn't too late. I was down in rugby club for 11.30am in my shirt and tie (just to look formal). The about 70 ladies present got soup or prawn cocktail. I got told I was having a dinner as well, so I didn't disagree. The soup was warm and did a job. I had the chicken with potatoes (in sauce) and vegetables. It was cooked to perfection, so I enjoyed it. Next we had a speaker on. Jim Morrison from Auchinleck (not to be confused with Jim (Tober) Morrison, the Cumnock RFC President. I quite enjoyed as I had to monitor the mic and speakers were working ok. For a lot of the day I just sat next to sound desk to make sure it worked fine. As I said it was going to be a long day. Jim finished and this is when the games of rugby were scheduled. There was 3 games and the as you can see below I recorded the first game. I enjoyed them, there was a lot of rucks and forward play for 7s rugby, but it was still good. I got back upto the club around 5pm and started the music again and a couple of other things. The raffle took place and we had a band of 2 musicians. The sound worked perfectly I am glad to say and I got to disapear and eat a couple of rolls and facebook my youtube videos so people could view them. I played some more modern fast music when the band took a break and then they did their second half. By this point a lot of people were in the bar. The band finished and I got to disapear just after 10pm. I was up early the next day so got the last bus home and was falling asleep at midnight. Sunday I was going to Glasgow 7s with the club. We got to Scotstoun about 1030am. If you want to see how the U15 girls got on read this match report. It was me that wrote it. It was a long day. I left house around 9am and we got back to Cumnock 9pm. The rugby 7s was of a better standard and even enjoyed the laugh of lots of people cheering on the Kenya team. On Monday I did match report and relaxed during lunchtime. I was at club last night for a meeting of mini/midi committee. Thats where I got my hands on what exact dates were for stuff on in club (which is at top of blog). So do you think that was a quiet week. It certinally was to the week before.