Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Time for an update

Well I have been busy, but I haven't blogged, so time I sort that.
So Wednesday 14th I went to Wwe at SSE Hydro. Definitely don't eat chips there. the show itself was very good. Enjoyed most of the matches, even if bad news Barrett slagged the scottish (as he is English). Unfortunately it was for title he won. I already knew Daniel Bryan wasn't going to be there after Raw. Thankfully there was some very good matches. sin Cara vs Rusev was great. I of course enjoyed Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton on steel cage. 

That photo was 1st one I got. I got last train home, so got back 12.15am.

Thursday was a training night for Sunday at Stewartry Mini Festival.

Friday was Andy McCrories and Sarah Louise wedding reception at Bathgate, the vu. It was same night as McBusted (couldn't get rid of ticket) and Glasgow Warriors in semi final. There was no signal in building so had to go outside for updates. The reception was great, even if I didn't wear a tie (wore one enough lately). I got away without dancing. We had got a hired bus there and back. I got home 3.00am. I didn't get up until 11am. Good luck and Andy and Sarah in future.

Sunday morning, I needed to get up 7.30am, that wasn't fun. We did quite well.

Monday night was committee meeting and I am nominated to be Webmaster again (that's 6 years), no real surprise there. The heavy rain was worse.

Tuesday was quiz, it was alright but did badly at some points.

Wednesday was a bit different. I got iPad out to buy rugby 7s tickets for Sunday evening at Glasgow 2014 commonwealth games (medal night). After the mess up week before I was braced for a while. It didn't happen. I got on straight away and got ticket I wanted within a few minutes, brilliant. It was same morning Mark Bennett got named in Scotland 7s team.

My iPad beeped at 11.30am, lunch with Frank 12.30. Ah, I was going to be late. Got showered and phoned Frank to get him 1.00pm. We went to Abbotsford and it was very good.

Thursday was training and my Saturday morning rugby 7s ticket came. I got text at 8.00am to say it was coming today recorded delivery. I went and voted 8.30am before postie came. It came 11.00am

Friday was normal (first in about a month). 

Saturday I went to Mauchline Holy Fair. Stalls were good, even ww1 part. Jai Mcdowall was his normal greatness.

Worst bit of day was children letting off stink bomb at bus stop and on bus home.

Sunday was usual at home day for youth, we had our games and I was away from club 3.00pm. Saw Vendetta later. Good to see them again.

Monday I was down in club at 5.00pm for bank holiday. So at 9.45am I got bus to Glasgiw so I could see Open Training Session for Warriors. I enjoyed the session and it was nice to see them. No doubt good luck Saturday.

Today I went to Kilmarnock and Odeon to see XMen Days of future Past. It didn't feel like 2.30 hours in cinema. I enjoyed it.

Saturday is ladies day and 2 weeks later is youth awards day which are next things on my calendar.

Bye for now.