Saturday, 6 November 2010

Katy Perry - Firework - (Official Music Video) - HD 1080p

Friday, 5 November 2010

Monday, 1 November 2010

My past weekend

Well above is some photos I took over the weekend.

On Saturday I didn't head for rugby I had other plans. I had heard an advert on radio about a shop doing half price for halloween outfits.

I headed to Ayr and got there about 1230. Ayr Races was on the same day but as you can see from the pics the car park wasn't full yet when I passed, but traffic was busy around there.

I got an outfit for £10 so I was quite happy. Next once I worked out where to get lunch I enjoyed it.

I headed to Rabbies Bar in Burns Statue Square for the Butlins reunion. Met some people I knew already and lots I didn't really know. It was good fun but I knew I had halloween parties in Cumnock at night when some more people were arriving I knew. It was still good to be there.

I headed home, got changed into my Scream suit. Trouble with that suit is that the eye holes were really small and when I removed the mask my glasses steamed up, so I wore it on my head most of the night.

I headed down to rugby club for 7pm for 1st halloween party and started on Irn Bru. I did some talking to mates and found out about how the senior teams did (both lost). I got a report from Bobby verbally and I sent it to the Cumnock Chronicle for him Sunday (audioboo does have it's uses but I don't tend to publish that audioboo).

It was about 9pm I left to go to Royal Hotel and Cancer Research Halloween Party, organised by David Kerr. It's was good fun, saw lots of mates.

On Sunday I watched some telly in morning from my planner. I even watched Newcastle hammer Sunderland. I tweeted into Fanzone talking about Bardsley before Newcastle was scoring goals for fun. They called me a "Sunderland Fan", maybe I should have tweeted in a Rangers Fan. I was texting my cousin who supports Newcastle and Rangers who agreed with me. I still felt sorry for the Sunderland commentator on Fanzone having to stay there.

So on media I got mentions on Scrum V fanscene Scarlets vs Glasgow (I didnt like that full back), Colin Mcardle on Snorkel Bingo on West FM Saturday morning and Fanzone on Sky, Sunday. Not bad for a weekend.

I headed back down to club Sunday night to get list of players from Saturday game and afterwards I went upto Sun Inn and got my photo of staff in their costumes. Only thing I didn't like was not getting up as the pub was busy.

I came home and thank fully found all the teams playing Sunday won and played well which is more important as I have mini/midi committee meeting tonight and I have gas check tomorrow, great.

I also got told on twitter my blog was cool by Alexander Jones, thats the first time that's happenned, so thank you.