Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Non telly stuff including my 40th birthday.

Well that's the telly stuff by now, so just some chat now.

I haven't done a blog since before my birthday. I will start this from Friday and the busy day before the party. I was up at 6am to head to Ayr at 8am (yes I know that's early).

Got back to Cumnock 11am after echo and already had something to put on website. So did that and went and saw mum who was up in barshare. Got news about Arran being off (I wasn't going anyway) and updated FB. Got home and had more news to update. I was tired. I got lunch from coffee pot and went home. I had a snooze for an hour as I was heading to club from 430pm. Got visited at 3.30 and got ready to head down. Was usual to 7pm and then watched Glasgow v Exeter on my phone with jungle. It was at that point I definitely knew after a busy Friday I needed to pace myself Saturday (the party).

So Saturday I watched Man City v Arsenal on BT Sport at home (it was a great game). Picked the shirt I was wearing. Watched fitba scores going in. I got ready around 5.00pm and was down just before 7.00pm. The 2nd team had won that day which was good. Most people were in club by 8.30. It was a great night, most people enjoyed it I think. The problem I kinda had was seeing everyone. For everyone that gave me a card I handed it to bar staff to keep hold for me. I think there was about 60/70 there including some coaches, senior players, family, the phamphs (my quiz team at royal Tuesday nights). I didn't check most of the cards Saturday night, I did that Sunday morning. A big thank you to everyone who gave me cards, money. Thank you! Amie Dunlop did the cake 
 Also thank you to Alex Dunsmuir for the speech about little old me (sorry it's just on facebook). Also the folk round club had contributed for a present for me. Now a few days earlier Tober had asked me about tablet computers and I told him what I thought. So Morton gave me a iPad mini at the party. A 64gb wifi one. How can I put it, I am typing it on my iPad mini. At 1130 Blair finished the music and I think I had sat for 20 minutes in total, so I was tired. Now some people may think I'm a bit of a party pooper leaving then with folk in bar. I thought it might make it easier for staff. It didn't,  it closed at 1am as I discovered.

Next morning I was at training so that plan worked. Tuesday I went to Kilmarnock to cinema and it was ok. Worst bit was waiting for bus home. If was 1505 bus I was waiting for. Now last bus before that left 1415 and so a lot of people were waiting for it and it went in wrong stance so after waiting for a long time. I was in back of bus. I was glad when I got home. Quiz that night was good as well.

Wednesday was quiet and rest of week I have been able to pace more.

So I hope everyone has a happy Christmas and see you about.


Television stuff to start today

Well I think I had better do 2 blogs today. Well I am starting with STV News and all this is about dark chocolate with Gordon Chree having to eat some So John and Raman had loads of words about it. I am also going to say now on Saturday I saw Anchorman 2 at Ayr and enjoyed it. Now I turned over to BBC Scotland and Christopher Blanchett was talking about upcoming winds (and yes when I was outside today it was windy). Now I was just going to do guys on today blog only but the St Johnstone vs Celtic story got my interest. Last night Celtic had said the ban was lifted. The ban was lifted this afternoon and I could see Jane Lewis getting some bad comments so I added Jane to this blog. I dont like to see journalists getting slagged for doing their jobs as you could see with Wendy Hurrell earlier in the year. Bye for now.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Some @hannahbayman and this coming week when I turn 40 years old.

Well yesterday was 11/12/13 and I had usual stuff in evening, so I didn't watch this live. It's Hannah Bayman and I hope she is happy the now. Here is weather Hannah did last night This photo is most worrying for Cumnock RFC who are due to play Isle Of Arran on Saturday at 12.30pm in Brodick.
I also want to well done to Claire W on getting sorted and being a clydesider at #glasgow2014. Tomorrow morning I have an echo at Ayr Hospital, does everyone remember I used to look like this a few years ago:-
My lovely consultant wants to see what shapes my heart is doing again. Now back after I had left hospital a few years ago I decided to have a 40th birthday party. Thats seems a while ago. Only problem is now the party is 2 days away (this Saturday and no my birthday isn't this Saturday), but you can hardly have a party on Tuesday. The buffet is booked, sorted and paid, mum gave me some old photos and I cringed of what I was like when I was young and then handed them to Catriona who is doing the decorations also. I think the cake is being done, I have reminded them, who said they were doing it. I even made sure I didn't need to go to Isle of Arran if the weather somehow gets better. Blair is the DJ who doesn't even let me pick the tunes, but there is no karaoke on it and I have 99% of people said yes or no to the invite, sorry if you wern't invited again. But it will be a good one. I have even this week done this sheet about whats on around the club, so all the people I know understand how much is happening this month (and no my party is not on it)
Sunday I relax, Monday main committee meeting at night, Tuesday I don't know yet, its probably better not to plan that day, Wednesday lunch with Frank around Ayr (oh yeah and I have lots of xmas shopping still to do). So to the folk that don't dont like the capping, sorry and the rest of you enjoy.
Yours Thomas.