Friday, 31 October 2014

Its Day 31 so this must be the end of blogtober

Well we got there. There was some times my ipad wouldn't upload what I wanted, I was too busy at rugby club (especially at weekends) to put much out and there was the virus which got me on Monday there, which really meant it was hard to blog every day, but its halloween so this is the last post of October. Ive spoke about The Cumnock Tryst, Ocktoberfest, Cumnock RFC, Mark Bennett, a lot of BBC News, Weather, Sport, STV News, Scotland Tonight, Riverside Show, The One Show this month. I would have to say a highlight was Claire Stewart doing Scotland Tonight. Bernard Ponsonby gets a lot of praise for what he does, but she does work hard for what she does. She also improved in her last stint on Scotland Tonight to the previous time. I am also glad the outfits did as well, they showed her off better in the week (just my opinion). I try not to show political bias on my blog or anything I do online, so any of you, don't come after me, I am a man that votes. Anyway well done Claire, keep up the good work. Right now to the caps. I decided to keep it scottish on the last days with all 3 anchors of STV News. Lets start in Glasgow with Lucy Whyte Now move over to Edinburgh and Laura Miller We now move north to Aberdeen to Andrea Brymer So after the anchors of evening show I though I would end with some PINK First Kelly Ann Woodland this morning followed by Rhona McLeod last night. So thank you to the roughly 1800 page views this month and see you at some point next month.