Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My past week.

Hello everyone how are we all.

Well lets talk about whats been happening.

I tried to make during the week fairly quite.
Tuesday I went down to Cumnock to talk to friends during day and give over @wwe over. It helps there is a bus at 10.55 behind my house and I'm at that bit of Cumnock by 11.30 so that is good.

I didn't have too much to deal with after mini-midi meeting so not too long on pc that day.
Wednesday was fairly quite as well, just keep on trying to catch up what I am recording (which is a battle at the moment). I still have all the free movies weekend movies to watch. I am at 65% free at the moment.

Thursday I was busy, I got my ticket for Scotland vs New Zealand for this Saturday. I had each as well including a new physio class. It was alright apart from my lack of balance (which I am told is normal at start of class).

Friday is when the BBC Strike started. I kept checking through the day what the bbc channels were doing. 5 minute news meant I had to do a lot of quick flicking in a short time.

I gave John Mackay of STV News a #followfriday and he gave me one back as he watches me meander through life. I was quite surprised at that comment.

Saturday was rugby day. GHA Gazelles cancelled the game up there for 2nd team Saturday morning due to waterlogging so that left the 1st xv and a game against Millbrae.

The Cumnock team got beat, but at least the games on Sunday went fairly well.

On Saturday night I headed to Mauchline and saw Vendetta Scotland.
The band were ace. It was a fairly good night and the last bus being 1140 is an improvement on Cumnock when it's 1055. You don't feel as if your leaving early, like you do feel at Cumnock.

Sunday me and Ian went to WWE smackdown at Braehead. That was fun. There was some good matches and John Macintyre from ayrshire was ace. I like the Big Show has ate Haggis.


So a good time was held by all.

Yesterday was rugby website day. Pitchero have a version 2 out and it went live yesterday morning. I have had a few issues with the new version which kept me on pc most of Monday morning and my phone is beeping a lot with email notifications and I had to go back later in the day as well. I switched off new mail beep when I went to bed last night.

Now I am going to try and get opinions on what our club members think about Pitchero Version 2, through initially this week.