Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Update on little old me

I hope we are all good out there, just a quick update from me.

I have my sky in and I am enjoying it, I find lots of sci-fi to watch. It's good watching wwe again (and forwarding past adverts). It does take time to keep up especially with lots on espn and sky at the weekend.

I have also got an iphone. I ordered it on the Sunday online from o2 (which is good for signal). It also helps I have WIFI at home and Cumnock RFC, people in the club know the code. The trouble was I didn't receive it until Friday morning (when I was busy at home). That meant 4 nights when I had to wait in. I have kept the same mobile number, so don't need to send mass text to tell anyone I have new number.

The only other trouble is BATTERY POWER, I go through it very quickly. I took a 2 youtube videos on Saturday (they wern't great). Also I have twitter sorted on it and I have some eminem album on fae itunes.

The health is feeling better, I can stay standing for longer and a bit of walking. Having the buspass definitely has it's uses. I aint watching the STV Nightshift as much now.

The INR level is fine as well, so we are good.

Ofcourse I am getting more to do in Cumnock RFC as well with the season starting at haste now. This Saturday the S1 and older have a sponsor day where they buy a £2 ticket and get a couple of goodies. Checking the club news on pitchero and facebook gives details. Committee meetings are going as well, where we are definitely busy.

That's it from me, you all do well out there.
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