Friday, 4 November 2011

Fireworks at home (not mine)

Just some fireworks from tonight.

Warning, funny adult video

Right I have kept this area clean for a while, but this video is funny.

Tookiebunten (go visit his site here)

Tookie put this on google+ (I have 37 people who circle on my google+

So I know I have done jokes for a while, but in this case, you have been warned. I understand 95% of it myself.

Right other stuff I have been doing, well tomorrow the 1st XV goto play Isle of Mull, so I have been checking what we can do in Oban while we are around there and trying to make sure everyone knows what time we are leaving (its early).

So I hope Sean Batty gives us a good weather forecast for Saturday

Now unfortunately Sean wont get posted to currentbunsuk where I do other ones,
Thats Eleanor Bradford and Stefani Dailly, go to the site (hopefully) to get more.

My last reminder for today is have a great fireworks weekend (wherever you go to see them and keep safe) and dont forget all my sites that I have something admin to do with (not telly) are on my QR code.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Think its time I came here again

Well hello everyone, I know I went quiet slightly there but I had my reasons.

On the rugby front I was glad the minis beat Ayr on Sunday with a good performance. I am slightly more educated on rugby now after doing a rugby ready course in Hamilton.

On Saturday there the 2nd XV played Dalziel 4th XV, unfortunately I forgot my usual tracksuit bottoms and wore my years. My jeans got soaked to the skin. It was horrendous. After the game, I changed into shorts and got in a taxi home to get changed.

The Halloween party in rugby club looked a very good success. I disapeared upto TC's Bar on Saturday night for Johns Halloween Party. I knew I had rugby the Sunday, so I got the last bus home (and watched Indian GP Sunday morning fresh). I have also been helping TCs by doing some setup of its facebook and twitter pages. Go like and follow, I hope we get as big as James Bunten's facebook profile.

Some of you will notice on my blog I have a Kimtag.

It should all the links I work with.

Otherwise on telly, Terra Nova is ok, but not 60 million that was spent. Thw wrestling is stepping up with Survivor Seies the next PPV, Finally the rock is tag teaming with John Cena to beat Awesome Truth. I will see you all soon and take care of each other.