Wednesday, 25 April 2012

JLS at Braehead on Tuesday 24th April

Hello guys, if you read my blog last week you will know I saw JLS last night. I even put on twitter and facebook yesterday I wasn't sure what I was doing. Craig McGill gave me a reply which didn't completly at ease. He was right though. I tweeted Clairey who knew me from Kirsty Crawford gigs who ahd just seen steps if this was me and that made me feel easier. During this I downloaded all 3 JLS albums on Spotify on my Glasgow bus which got me in the mood. Nobody actually said anything bad about JLS, which I expected so I was pleased. Well my hotel was McLays Guest House on Renfrew Street. I have stayed there before. All you do when you leave Buchanan Bus Station is go out the bus station main entrance and go straight ahead for 10 minutes (past Glasgow School of Art) and you get there. I had a downstairs room with a single bed and a kettle and tea/coffee and ensuite shower and toilet. I got changed and left for Braehead at 5.10pm. Went along to Kings Theatre and got 747 along to Braehead and arrived about 5.50pm. I had a Latte just below arena and went upstairs and 6.20, not too far from front. I was beside a giraffe and Ketchup bottle. I thought I would be standing there until 7pm as what normally happened with WWE events but 6.35 we started moving, great. So got in about 640. I bought a programme for £10 and I was in Block B Row A number 1, right next to entrance to lower on floor level. It had loads of legroom and arm room. I read my programme (well most of it) and saw the videos start on the big screens. I only wish the Channel 5 trailer for Once Upon a Time was made upto date. It started 1st April and it was being shown as a new series. I was surprised to see other artists videos but it helped with the atmosphere. The thing I noticed was it was 1 mostly girls/women and 2 young. Almost the age I help with at rugby club. So being older and male didn't make me feel that normal there. But I was enjoying myself, so I couldn't really be that bothered. If I look at what I spent on the night I have had more costly nights than going to JLS. Last years bag pack at rugby club cost me more and I was a lot busier for that. NVS came out and started really well, coming up the stairs to the right of the stage with the curtains drawn for main stage. I have pre-ordered the single #drop dead georgous (which I aint), but they are and hope they do really well. Since I came home I have followed them and ordered it and sent them a message on twitter showing my pre-order and they have followed me back.
I am glad to see they get social media in twitter. I am even sure Gordon from Fatbuzz would agree with that (who I see on Friday for New Media Breakfast at 29 in Glasgow).
We also had Vida come on next. I can say I think I probably enjoy these girls more (I wonder why). Great rapping, dancing the start was amazing. Check them out. The problem with me doing a blog today I dont want to reveal some surprises for people going to Braehead tonight (I dont know if I will reach that far). Next up was Starboy Nathan and he really got the girls ready for JLS. I thought he was going to trip up on his jacket on stage, but he didn't. His dancing was a amazing again and more great tunes. All the support acts were great. All the seats were filled by the time they were all finished. I wish I could say more about them all but I have put links videos from there on official youtube channels if possible. Next we get to JLS which started after 8pm. Now I want to leave surprises on hear. If you want to see some photos you can look me up today on twitter at Thomasc1973 on instagram posts last night. My account isn't normally on public, but it will be today. The start really surprised me. I was singing my lungs out quite a lot, I just wasn't sure when they were looking for the girls that I should stand up (in other words sit down). It was a great show. I could feel the ground almost moving where I sat (thats when my foot wasn't tapping). If you can see them you will enjoy yourself. Craig McGill was right (even for the 38 year old Cumnock RFC male webmaster). I am sure everyone enjoyed themself here. I am glad our side won the oh oh oh oh oh oh challenge. It's the result on the night that matetrs. The public transport back was perfect and into Glasgow for 11.15 and headed back to hotel. I got tired about midnight and got upa round 7am (as usual). I had cornflakes along with a coffee followed by fry-up. I saw someone else have tomatoes and beans and asked not to get them and I think I got an extra egg and potato scone. I left my room and it was a great. The prices are the best around in Glasgow and I like them. I will be back. So I am a happy man and hope you all can feel the same as me. T