Saturday, 10 July 2010


For Tezzer57, the view this morning. My view this morning.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wednesday 7.10pm 07/07/10

Well I felt like typing the now, doing some updating. The health has been ok as far as I know. My blood pressure is ok and I am feeling fine. Sunday I went to Kilmarnock and saw Twilight: Eclipse The romance bit was integral but the action was good, not fake. Next went back home after taxi in kilmarnock from Bel-air taxi company, very good guys. It was raining a bit as well when I went to the Odeon and I wasn't walking, no chance.

I came home on bus which stops right next to my street in Auchinleck. Next I relaxed, had dinner and went to
Cumnock RFC. I knew the fixtures were due out as it is always this time of year they come out. Alex was on bar so he could give me and rest of 5 o'clock club them. It certainly has gave us some games. I had a couple of pints. I then went to
Royal Hotel, met Ian there, quickly followed by The
Sun Inn. Ian did loads of songs and I did Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal. I was drinking coca cola by now. I went home 9.30pm after a busy day.

Monday I got up on time as I knew I had a lot of appointments at home then, especially for afternoon. One of my team as normal came in 9.30am asking how the weekend had went, we had a phone call to deal with which was resolved very well. I then stayed around the house as I had an appointment with social worker (just no time, she is very busy).
That day I archived my rugby emails from last season and delete the rest. I dealt with 400 emails (phew) and the new fixture list which I formatted my normal way. Another member of my team came in 4pm saying worker hadn't been in and we phoned her, she was coming in a few minutes, she is a VERY BUSY lady. Whilst this was happening I was making my dinner. Its great fun cooking, really.
The social worker came, but it was starting to get a bit mad as she said community alarm was coming in. They came in and we tested it and I got my instructions, this was while I was doing my dinner. I had 4 different women in my home at the same time, never said that before. The Community Alarm staff explained what happened when I used the system after we sorted the cabling, which gave issues with my pc (grrr).
My cabling in the house wasn't great with trailing cables for broadband. The social worker had a quick chat, so that went well, she is brilliant. Next I sat down and enjoyed by dinner after all that activity, I got my broadband back on and planned for next day.
On Monday night I planned for Fish Pie for dinner Tuesday night, including what I needed to cook it in (I needed a pyrex dish) and how me and team would accomplish it.

Tuesday morning I felt a bit tired, I knew Community Alarm was coming in afternoon, I made breakfast before my team came in, we went out, we got pyrex dish at
Tesco and after checking I discovered got telephone cable from mum's to correctly cable.

After we got home we did the cabling. We brought fish out to defrost from freezer. After team left I had an hours snooze as all I knew it was afternoon, so it was before afternoon. It was about 3.30pm when Community Alarm came out, we tested it and it was only a quick visit.

After that my team came in and we made the Fish Pie, it was bland and the time for cooking potatoes is wrong, it takes a lot longer. and so did the Fish Pie.
After eating dinner I got full list of fixtures from SRU and typed them out for rugby website on excel and I went down to Cumnock RFC.

Today when I slowly woke up to radio, the team came in as normal and I just relaxed this morning, it had been a bit interrupted last night. I had visitors at 1.30pm from NHS, everything went ok, we sorted out how I get back from East Ayrshire Community Hospital tomorrow and what we are really doing then, which is good. We got line I needed and it will be passed onto social worker tomorrow. It's took me an hour to type this! phew!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My dinner - fish pie

This is my fish pie, potatoes, salmon, sauce. It was really filling. This is the 3rd dish I could do myself now from scratch. So lets just say I am still learning.