Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Its Tuesday 30th December 2014 with Good Morning Britain

How are we all. No rugby at the weekends doesnt mean I dont have stuff in club. Sunday 11.41am I tweeted/facebooked "have you got your plans for Hogmanay yet. Dont forget tickets are £5.00 each from 9.00pm to late." at that point about 30 tickets were confirmed. By 3.00pm yesterday is was 100. I volunteered to deal with tickets Wednesday night, so I am going to be busy that night (but not behind the bar). Yesterday at 10.00am I thought I heard my window being chapped, it was. I needed to get changed and head down to club straight away for a few hours, so today when I woke up about 7.30am I decided to stay up as I am club 11.00am for a delivery which will probably take hours. Lets start with Laura Tobin. The good skaters are children so I had to avoid them. Next up I dd some STV News with Kelly Ann Woodland We had Rachel McTavish doing weather