Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Golf video

This is another video on golf I got yesterday

Stupid people video

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday 2 February

Well I thought I was going to relax today, it happenned for a couple of hours. After getting home at about 10.30 last night I was tired before midnight so I headed to bed, I have recorded The Parole Officer from BBC1. I didn't even see the Keane press conference after midnight when he signed for Celtic.

I got up at 8am and I started on my 6 nations poster for rugby club, I wanted it colourful. I did it and loaded it up. It didn't look the same way I did it.

Next the phone rang (about 930). I discovered that everyone has to go to Haven Open Day if they want their job. I then had to phone a couple of my old staff. I got one of them and told her about it. When I phoned my boss he said hadn't he said to me. I said NO. After that I went a did a little bit of shopping down at Tesco, just to feed me for a few days, I march on my stomach.
Google Chrome also got extensions and I have zemantha loaded up again and a new twitter feeder. Its going ok so far. I also had a response to my consultation already.

I then just watched a bit of telly from 2ish to 4.30.

The new league rearrangements had appeared on SRU site and we got the date we expected for Clydebank RFC and I sorted the other 2 postponments. Then I saw there was a 230 kickoff for one of the teams and I remembered they all said 12 noon. I checked them again and they said 2.30pm kick off for us. So I phoned Alex as you do.

I have had some bacon sarnies and fish cakes with noodles and juice for dinner and I feel quite full. So thats today. I am heading down to club soon to do bar.

Does that sound like a day off to you.

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