Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday 21 July

Hello how are we all today. I hope we are all good. Just a civilised kinda week so far, but it will get busier later on. Hopefully everyone has watched Money In The Bank (Stuart if you haven't stop reading)

WWE the last 2 shows have been briliant. Money In The Bank is the best Pay per view in ages (and it was free on sky as well). Summerslam wont be that good. I dont know if Vince is in charge and thats punk gone. Its probably a storyline but I wont be surprised if it isn't. HHH coming out at the end of Monday night was too predictable.

The ladder matches in MITB were really good. Its a pity that Sin Cara has took drugs and got dropped by the Wellness policy, but its his fault. I want to see who Mark Henry beats up next. I also think Randy will batter Christian up now for spitting on him at MITB, not sure its about that title now especially with the WWE title final next Monday (as it was at the end of Raw on Monday).

I have been having a great laugh at Top Gear recently. Vittel was great, Rowan Atkinson was great. I hope that car from switzerland has been changed that was called the growler. This weeks laugh was launch control and James May having it. I hope they dont use launch control in that nissan at a zebra crossing, oh dear (: for that person.

I saw Harry Potter on Sunday as well. 8/10 I saw the 2d version (I dont like 3d specs ontop of my specs). It was good and I enjoyed it.

Tuesday after training I arrived late at quiz at the royal and we only got joint 3rd. On Wednesday it was the monthly Cumnock RFC quiz and my team won by 9 points the quiz (no we didnt cheat). I got sent up to do play your cards right and we won that as well (yeah). So the 3+1+1+1 (thats what we are called) won the lot. There was a number of teams there so thank you for coming.

Today I am going to the gym later and then training will be on at club from 6.30am for mini/midis and 7pm for seniors. I do the gym so I have had my exercise before the training.

Saturday is bag Pack day and BBQ/karaoke night. Thats going to be long.

You all have a good remainder of the week and weekend.