Saturday, 11 July 2009

Are there castles ìn the sky

When I was going home tonight after working 9-6 I sent a text to westfm and the Dance Show with Colin (the mcman) Mcardle requesting Castles In the Sky as I was heading home to Auchinleck on the bus. It was around tarbolton I sent the text to the right number 61025 and by Mauchline he had said on the radio "I have a radio on my phone as well that my tune was next. yes. He started playing it just after I left Mauchline (where the picture is taken). It was a great tune to end a good day. I hope Colin is ok tomorrow. He finishes at 10pm tonight and is onair at 6am Sunday morning (live) I will be listening again when I head to work for 10am start.

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Thursday, 9 July 2009


Lori short video

I went to rugby club talked about website. Look out I might be busy.

I then went to The Sun, Cumnock did the usual karaoke. I did Wonderwall because I couldn't do Michael Jackson and Noel Gallagher being on Chris Moyles this morning.

The best signer by far is Lori, she won a competition a few years ago. she did Run by Snow Patrol which was covered by Leona Lewis. It was amazing. It took your attention quite easily.

The short video above is Lori doing Dignity by Deacon Blue. I also took a quick photo.

Just for an example I have a short video of Brian as well.

I am glad the Sunshines were out.

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Thursday 9th July

Bus into Cumnoock

Hello guys, well I finally have a day off where I didn't get up early. I think I had better do some work on the cumnockrugby website (the old one).
Also I hope everybody rugby connected gets the detail on 10th October event.

But the main plan is to relax.

Noel Gallagher from Oasis was on Chris Moyles this morning and was very good.

I have also signed the petition on Johnnie Walker plant owned by Diageo closing plant in Hurlford, losing over 700 jobs in an East Ayrshire economy which doesn't need that.

On a lighter note I have been watching more BBC Reporting Scotland with Catriona Shearer being main anchor at the moment.

Torchwood is also very good this week. Really enjoying it.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2009


John Barrowman. Photo taken during filming of ...Image via Wikipedia

Well what have we all been upto. At work Rachel is off sick so after working for an hour last Thursday, Steve did some helping. Myra is dealing with soem of my duties when I am not there and when it comes to merchandising they are good so we are dealing with ordering ourselfves. I even had to do the rota for this week (and probably next week).

So on Thursday I am having a FULL day off. I have been getting up at 6am almost every day since going back from holiday about 10 days ago.

Rugby wise I finally have the web pages for the old cumnockrugby and I need to do some work on them. I aint fully flinging myself into that yet. The web design lessons from the winter are coming in handy.

TV wise I am glad to see Catriona Shearer get anchor role on BBC Reporting Scotland 630pm show.

Torchwood is great this week, watched it last night, ace and tonight wasn't much different, including John Barrowman naked.
I am keeping watching this all week.

I also watched Chuck tonight on Virgin 1+1 (2nd series) and quite enjoyed it.

Well keep saying hello to me on twitter and even comment on here. I do promise to reply.

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Monday, 6 July 2009

Toonattik Sunday 5th July

Hello guys as I said before I use a few tv sites where you see caps and watched some Toonattik yesterday morning before work. So here are some pics and video (I took them from my phone and blogger doesnt let me record long videos. It includes Anna Williamson and Chloe Bale

So here hopefully are the videos

Here here are some pics (some from the videos) and other I just took.

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Sunday, 5 July 2009