Monday, 5 December 2011

Fatherson @ Arches

I saw these guys many months ago at Ayr and were really nice guys.

I did like them on facebook.

So I was surprised when I saw them on youtube as well and just watched their current video about The Arches.

So they said on their video their gig was a sell out, but then it was moved to a bigger area. This is the link to buy tickets. The gig is on Sunday 18th December. I am busy that evening unfortunately.

The guys are on BBC Introducing with Ally McCrae On Sunday 11th December at midnight.

Good Luck guys.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

hello again

How are we all out there. At 1.15pm when I got home, it hailstoned.

Well talks about what's happening with me. Its been a few weeks since i did this.

Rugby wise we had no games this weekend. There have still been a few functions thought. The 50th anniversary Sportsmans dinner was great. You had to be there.

Next Sunday the P5 and p6 are playing at Glasgow warriors vrs Helensburgh. Goodluck boys and girls involved. We have a mini midi committee meeting tomorrow and some of that will come up.

I had a load of presents at home for people at fife, and had planned to go last weekend, but games came up and I stayed (and it wasn't suitable for Fife people because of private stuff).

So on Friday I wrapped up the presents to go across and thought about going across on Saturday and coming back same day.

So here is the itinery of what happenned that day (24 hour clock)
0620 Got out of bed and put gas on (it had ran out overnight)
0635 Got Coffee
0700 Got bath and did all the usual.
0720 Got nice clothes on.
0735 Got Glasgow Bus (just in time).
0745 Text Terri (David might be in bed)
0855 Arrive Glasgow - went and spoke to RBS (yes open Saturday) about android app which doesnt work for me and a roll for breakfast.
0930 Left for St Andrews.
1145 Arrive in Cupar (they were shopping).
1200 Found them and had coffee and passed over presents. Also phoned nephew to tell him I was in Fife. (1 hour off bus)
1310 Left Cupar for Glenrothes
1330 Arrive Glenrothes, spoke to nephew David and gave him presents. It was a good chat.
1415 Left for Leven to see Sally.
1440 Saw Sally, Alex and Xander for an hour (total nearly three hours NOT TRAVELLING SO FAR) and handed over last presents.
1550 Left Leven for Glasgow
1800 Arrive Glasgow, get quick snack (im hungry)
1820 Got bus to Kilmarnock.
1905 Arrive Kilmarnock and wait for X76 down home.
2000 Home, phew!

So was I busy, wait I haven't finished yet.

So what do you do after a day like that.

On the Friday I got an email from Braehead Aerena, JLS had a second date on 24th April 2012.

I check the price and availability on ticketmaster. It was about £36 and there were seats left. Ya Dancer!

So I phoned up RBS Ticket Service (yes I get that).

This is the result:-
Event Details 
Event Date   
Cash-back Amount
JLS BRAEHEAD ARENA BLOCK * ROW * SEAT* 24/04/2012 19:30:00 1 9.65



(No I aint giving you my details).

So what do you do after a mad day in Fife, you buy an ex x factor act (which I dont watch (XFACTOR)) in April and after cashback not pay £30 (whose album I have on Spotify).

On Wednesday its lunch and its a couple of weeks until my birthday (38 YO).

So that is probably enough from me.