Saturday, 20 June 2009

Funstars Party Dances

I know its not good but here ìs a pic fae party dances. I took it from Haven, Craig Tara. I was at the back of the hall

Friday, 19 June 2009

Mum and andy

This was friday night. It's a pic on Mum and Dad (Andy) relaxing. Ann and Brian were in as well (just avoided taking them as well).

Ayr and its dry

This is me just left Ayr Bus Station after work. Its racenight in Ayr, so it was busy around Burns Statue Square when I got there after work.

It was quite at work today and after Ann and Myra have had flu, Rachel appears to be suffering as well with it.

Friday raining.

Yes I am watching just waiting for my 7.40am bus to Ayr and the rain has started again and I can't hide in the bus shelter.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Support the Iranians on Your Blog

You may have noticed I have a banner on iran on the right of the screen. As some of you may know I have been following this with twitter and CNNI (freeview 84 in uk) and got a tweet from loadedweb (which I already have on Cumnock Rugby blogsite and it was easy to add to blogger and as this is my choice it's going on my blog.

Also big warning if you do talk about #iranelections on twitter, make sure you trust who you are tweeting.

So if you want it goto:- loadedweb


Its raining again

This was the heavy rain when I went into Cumnock yesterday. I was glad I could nip into shopping precinct. Got Fathers Day Card there.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Outside now


Well the past couple of days has mostly been worked based. We had our stocktake last night. I started at 2pm, got counting straight away. On the big visit Rachel was in for a director did come down, but not the highest one.

Just before I left house and on bus I tweet a lot on #iranelection and found somebody called Eucriel who I would trust.

The weather was really sunny yesterday and I had a big jacket with me. You remember my picture from Monday. I only had my work fleece on (bad idea). I looked at the weather Tuesday mornign and saw wednesday was going to be wet. I decided then to take my big jacket. You have seen it on my twitter picture (in the background).

We finished gift shop roughly 7.15pm, I had chineese curry with noodles for tea (takeaway). We started counting Essentials near 8pm and finished at 10pm.
Some of the staff yesterday had started at 8am or just after it. I feel worse for them. I went to bed in Ayr at 11.30ish.

I worked this morning and the rain was indeed coming down. There had been water in restaurant roof come through. Thankfully the shops didn't.

Just had Ann & Myra with me today and we ordered soft toys and served. The sun came out this afternoon, which got us slightly busier.

Then I headed home, great off tomorrow.

I had ordered some things on ebay and 1 has arrived and DHL have tried to deliver another. I have called them and they are bringing it very soon.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I also have an interest in tv and I use a few websites where photos come up. The person that created the photos is DdandD and where are a few of some of the people he took.

Susan Powell
Sophie Raworth
Louise Lear
Laura Tobin
Heather Reid
Ellie Cresell

Reportercaps British Thread
Steve regional


I had a fairly busy day yesterday. Worked to 5pm with doing some cleaning and getting shop ready.

Last night we had a committee meeting at Cumnock RFC. The meeting starts at 7pm, so when I close shop at 5pm, I really have to get the bus at 5.15pm. It doesn't leave you long to get your work done after you close. I got home at 6.30pm and left at 6.40 and got there first to the club just before 7.00.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Monday night

I had forgot about this. Rachel had asked me to take her shopping onto bus with Derek, so to prove I could take it's photo so somebody could believe it how much.

So I tried in Ayr to post it, but it hadn't worked until I was uploading another photo there from my phone.

Wetter this morning.

Proper rain this morning.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Cumnock square

Thats me heading home. That wasnt bad.

Me Name that tune.

In the Sun with the lads

Bit wetter in auchinleck tonight.

I am heading to cumnock for karaoke



Sunday 14th June

Well I have my coffee. I start at 10am today. Andy Murray is in the Queens club final today. I hope he wins. I have set my recorder for that one. It's on bbc2 at 2pm.


Well as you can all see I took some photos of The Ghosties last night, and some short videos. I do have a 2 minute video on my phone, but I am still to try and get it on youtube. blogger doesnt't add videos that long.

I went to rugby club, nobody had been in for 2 hours at 8.30, so drank my pint then left.

Next I went to The Royal Hotel, spoke to the guys. Spoke rugby and players and ex coaches. I left there 10.45pm, got bus home to Auchinleck, it was now dark, had a last pint in The Railway Hotel and got chineese on way home.