Tuesday, 24 January 2012

It's Tuesday

Well how are we all. I know it been a couple of weeks since I properly blogged. Well I am still in the pursuit of new tunes to kill at karaoke, or atleast get the words in the right bit, so that is the latest video. Well some of the jokes I have been reading have been better, but unfortunately they dont go on here. So it's two weeks since I was here. In that time I overtook the 30,000 tweets barrier. The quiz I haven't done as much but there is a quiz tomorrow night at the club. I hope the WWE starts to get even more interesting after this weekends royal rumble. I enjoyed it when you couldn't predict what was going to happen, but that hasn't happenned in a while. Yeah Jack Ryder, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were popular champs (atleast for 1 night). Its getting a bit samey. I am glad NCIS LA has lots of the questions answered abotu Callan and we can get back to what is a great series. Hawaii 5-0 is still great going. I wonder if Steve knows what that girl from cia is upto (I dont think her departure was family related). NCIS Series 9 has slightly changed with Denozo memory problems in first 2 episodes of series 9 (which is expectable). Well a few weeks ago as well my roof has some tiles move. I don't think they have been fixed. I havent seen anybody from the council to fix it. On rugby the first XV still haven't won, but touch judging was fun on Saturday. This is the table.
It was also good to see rugby starting properly back up on Sundays with some of the older ones. The previous couple of weeks I just did an hours and a bit training and that was basically it. On Sunday we had midday and 2pm kick offs at Broomfield. It was my turn for bar as well. I hope all the Smith Family are as well as can expected after funeral today. I am still trying to learn even more about rugby the now, but that might have to wait for a future blog. My biggest pain of the week last week was roadworks. On the Tuesday we had Auchinleck Train Station, Auchinleck Road, Cumnock and at Lugar Street Cumnock. 5 minutes on a bus became 15 minutes. Not my favourite thing. Bye for now, even comment if you want to.