Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday 14th September

Well Wednesday was quite a relaxing day, I knew The Sweeney was coming out on Wednesday on at 3.30pm I was in Kilmarnock to see it at the Odeon. I gave it 11/10 I hadnt seen the trailer, but yes I saw the Top Gear bit a few months ago. I loved it. Total Recall, The Dark Knight rises I have seen as well, there about 6-7/10. The Sweeney is 11/10. It is a 15 certificate which might be a difference. I didn't watch the TV series when I was younger or ITV4. Right after that I went home and enjoyed Wednesday night. Yesterday at 11am I had a new tenant visit which lasted 5/10 minutes. Very good. I know what is my bit of garden now. We had rugby training last night and after the man fitting gumshields was done I got outside to help until about 745. The rugby page is page 30 in Cumnock Chronicle and he have Micros, P5, P7, s1/2, U15, U16 and the 76-10 for 1st XV, they face Renfrew tomorrow who won 39-0 I think. I hope they don't think this is going to be easy, the workrate they put in last week has to be repeated. I want the headache of having to do stats every week because lots of tries are being scored. Today I have just compiled my followfriday list for twitter, I give #ff for people who actually interact (in most cases) with me within that week, well here is the list. @michaeljbyers @darkflare @tgoatcapper @currentmartin @currentbunsuk @tourscotland @widget53 @karthisport @sunnythesurf (hope you get it) @melbide @odeoncinemas @kieranlamont @monty_2806 @lexjah @weeyin13 @helgacarmichael, have a good wedding day tomorrow @centcaps @andy_murray, you can guess why @loupepper @bbckheredine @owen_carruthers @darklochnagar @gregor_aitken @janedaybreak @razord17 @lauratobin1 @scottymccurdy @bbcnewcastle @clairewynarczyk @juankerr23 @kasiamadera @bigscottfibigt @stuart621 @scanman_uk @dsc67 @amzikins @lynesk @realmackaystv This afternoon I am heading upto Glasgow for the olympic parade where I plan to photograph and maybe video off my phone some of it. Well after my visit to Dunblane, Tuesday its the least I can do (and yes I know Andy Murray won't be there). This is from STV News website who is there today. Have a good weekend all.