Thursday, 7 February 2013

Well lets talk again

Thanks for looking at my last blog. Right first the one ronnie Thought I would give you a laugh. Well on Monday the rugby meeting went fairly well. I got details for Tillicoultry which Morton helped with. On Monday I also watched the Royal Rumble. I am glad John cena did well, but he does know the technique how to get rid of the big man. Tuesday some of the snow hit. At 11am it was slush in Cumnock but by 3pm it was ok. On Tuesday a also started doing my bit on club burns supper I did even a bit of capping of Sport. Its Katherine Downes and Katie Gornall.
Then yesterday I headed to ayr for lunch. Me and Frank went over to Flannigans at Prestwick. I had the chicken and rice soup which was very nice and I followed by Steak pie. Now the food was perfect temperature but on this occasion there was too much. We did have training at 6pm so I couldnt eat too much. It had about double the usual amount of steak I see puff pastry on top, good as well, about 8 potatoes and a side dish for veg. Great portion, just too much for me. Now when I was travelling to Ayr I got fixture changes so when I got home I sorted out my spreadsheet. Scotland fitba team did not bad last night after we finished training. Last Resort finished on Monday as well and it was a good finish to the series. I wasn't sure it was going to have a second series but it finished everything. Today is quiet busy with club twice probably and a jab this evening. Have a good day.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Well its been a while since I blogged

Well I havent really been blogging much have I, I am still busy with twitter and club stuff. Most of the club things recently have affected by too much rain or freezing, so not a lot of games. Some of my other stuff in club has been keeping me busy, trying to tell folk about iphone apps for pitchero
I also decided recently to stop giving TC's stuff for facebook for various reasons. I am also glad I aint going to any of the 6 nations games. After the autumn internationals and the performances there I didn't like Scotlands chances. After watching England beat Scotland on Saturday and Italy beat France on Sunday I definately don't like our chances. Back in January I was up at a Warriors game 4th January where Glasgow played well and so did the Cumnock p6/7 at half time. On the telly front, still enjoy my usual programmes, NCIS LA, NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, Top Gear, lots of news. Those programmes came in very handy last week with a round in royal about adverts, which I got nearly all the answers in, on Wednesday night quiz a lot was on 2012 and even though Labrinth and Emilie Sandie I got wrong, we still won the quiz. On Friday there I went and saw Les Miserables and it was great. I admit it, I cried at times but it was epic from start to finish. Then I had an idea in the Sun Friday night, I was going to old skool at Town Hall on Saturday and after halloween I said if I
got 10 likes/retweets I would wear it, it got more than 10. Now I went upto Sun and wore the tutu and leg warmers in there and went upto Town Hall, Shaun somehow thought I was joking and I quickly got changed into normal gear and put it in my coat. After some great tunes on Saturday night I went down to TC's and got asked to put it on, I had a better idea, and bought them drink and they wore it and posed for this photo
I think it looks better on them. I know I aint smiling in the photo, but I was at least in my head. So here is hoping I remember to do this more and see you all about. I have a youth committee meeting tonight and Wednesday head for Ayr, I hope I dont get hail going down.