Wednesday, 8 June 2011

a website question

Right you are putting out a message which will involve people spending money and you don't want to put them off buying your ticket. Someone wants the people coming to do an additional thing when you have heard some people are already doing it. Do you want the additional thing to be plastered everywhere (it can't be missed, but looks really bad when there) or you put it strategically in the documents you have already used which wont connect to everyone because emailing it again will dilute the general message.

What would you do.

Well I will tell you what I did (and hopefully make things clearer).

Cumnock Rugby Club is holding its Awards Day this Sunday and we need people coming to bring salad. The burgers and Steaks are ordered and some parents have said they are bringing food when I didn't prompt them on Sunday there. I did put the bring extra salad message on that web page and facebook but after looking about plastering it over the fixture section for every team going to awards day (and putting it in a few) I decided NOT to put it in this section. There is also the fact we are needing more senior players to buy tickets for this event and I don't want to put them off.

I wonder how many people agree with what the above says.