Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hello, its Thursday 16th January 2014.

Well yesterday I had lunch which was great so no caps then and I was busy with various things for Saturday. (well I put this on our website) so did more today. Start with Sally Bundock on World Business Report Then got a bit more sleep, got checked my inr which is fine, another 3 months. Next got home to see Andy Murray win in straight sets and had just finished for one oclock news. Sophie Raworth was presenting today. and Louise Lear was doing the weather Bye for now.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ladies in Red

Morning all, I decided today to do some telly blogging and over last day lots of ladies have been wearing red, so this is why I did a blog, I do like red. See proof. Right I will start with Rebecca Wood from Midlands Today. I was on iplayer last night before about 8.30 and Midlands Today was already there. At this point Aston Villa were losing 2-0 against Arsenal (it finished 2-1) and Rebecca normally only does Fridays, but here she was in red, so I did some caps. Shefali who normally does Midlands Today is on holiday. Next I saw Caroline Henderson on twitter talking about new wardrobe on her blog. Now Caroline used to work as sports reporter at STV News in Edinburgh and was one of my favourites, so the following caps are not new ones but its Caroline in Red Dress so enjoy and if Caroline reads this, you are very welcome. Next I somehow saw some World Business Report with Sally Bundock and she was wearing red as well, so here are some caps from her. After going back to bed, I checked my recordings and Kate Kinsella was in red as well. Now I remember when kate was called sunflower kate on twitter, now its just Kate Kinsella but even though she is a mum (remember I am a single bloke) she can still look this great. Now I know she can't wear green in virtual BBC London studio but this is just great. Now next one I am cheating a bit, its Helen Skelton on BBC Breakfast on the red sofa wearing a red scarf. Its been a while since Helen was on BBC, so I did some this time as well. Also I have put all these caps on a youtube video. I hope you all have a good week.