Friday, 31 July 2015

It's Friday with @kgun9 @stvnews BBC Weather

Last night our team had its first training session before games in a few weeks. Rab got great exercise from WRU. Let's start with this mornings Kgun9 with Liz' Greg, Big Al, Megan and Rikki Next up I will go to STV News with Carole Erskine at Trump Turnberry who was visiting yesterday. I went to the other side of country next with Aberdeen and Andrea Brymer doing STV News at Six Next up I will move to lunchtime Reporting Scotland with Kirsteen Macdonald doing weather Next up doing national weather was Helen Willetts doing it on Victoria Derbyshire programme, as normal on Friday being presented by Joanna Gosling Last up on BBC Business Victoria Fritz So tomorrow we have football team using changing rooms and Sunday I have my 1st day of course. Have a good weekend.