Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sorry it's Saturday blogtober

Well today 16 men played at Cambuslang and I was there doing twitter on cumnockrfc. We won 56-12 so I haven't had time to cap. Tomorrows game is off for minis, so will tomorrow. So sorry not a lot from me.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Blogtober day 24

On Tuesday I was talking to Shaun and then hatched a plan to go to Oktoberfest on the Thursday.

Got the 3.45 bus from Cumnock and got off at Central train station. I walked along river and even passed Cartha, first time I've been past the crash site. It was band on when I got there a 2 pint pitcher for £11.00.

Most of the music was German, a language I never learned. The bit that was on Riverside show did help a little. I spent a few hours there and headed back at 9.00pm and got a KFC and waited in bar at Central Train Station after finishing it for 2310 train to Dumfries.  I got on train, fell asleep at crossmyloof, woke up at Braehead then fell asleep again. The nice inspector woke me just after Kilmarnock before my Auchinleck stop, so thank you to that man. I passed St Enoch and enjoyed Scottish Rugby as one.

How do I feel today. Cramp! I must have walked a few miles and my legs are definitely telling me this morning.

Here are my photos from Oktoberfest 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

blogtober day 23 The Riverside Show 100th episode

Well yesterday started seeing STV talking about its the 100th episode of the STV Glasgow Riverside Show, so decided to stay in and watch it Here is a montage on it So I am going to start with STV Glasgow News which was on 6.45pm with Lucy White Next up I am going to the multi talented faces of Rachael Fulton (who wants a bulldog)doing weather, whats on guide and asking what some phrases mean. Next up we have some Laura Boyd doign social media Now the reason you see a lot of laughing and smiles, Colin Stone First watch this video Colin was trying speed dating, here are some of the results. So we finish with David Farrell and Storm Huntley. I remember the daily record I bought a while ago and storm not liking oil, I am glad she was ok last night. I did tweet last night "enjoying #riversideshow 100th show, also nice to see new graphics, enjoy tonight." I got 2 retweets and 5 favourites. So wont be watching tonight, I am going to Glasgow. Lets end with closing credits.