Monday, 18 March 2013

Update on weekend there, sorry it's rugby

Well I promised you guys I would have a busy weekend. I was right. Now I know I don't normally talk all rugby, but after last weekend I need to this time. Friday went down to club before 2.30pm for U18 girls leaving after that. It was a very nice 30 seater from Liddells. We left at 3pm. We got to Murrayfield in good time. The traffic in wasn't too bad. The lassies were on 4g pitch and warmed up beside it. They did lose 39-17 to Gordon Schools at Huntly, but they were a very good side. The girls got runner-up medals and we headed back to Cumnock. Harry has been with me on all the trips this weekend and he took photos you have to be a member of the website to be able to see them as is the rule with all u18 pictures on our website. We got back to Cumnock at 10.04pm and that was day 1. Next day the 1st XV were away to Moffat. Tober was last to arrive at 11.20am, but Bobby even beat me to club and had the gear ready for 10am (but I did get an email at 9.30am at home I needed to put on website, straight away). We were travelling by bus via Muirkirk and M74 down to Moffat. While on the M74 we were worried Moffat would be covered in snow because the M74 certinally was. Thankfully it cleared up and we got a good day. Even towards end of the game the sun was out. That picture is when we arrived in Moffat. The boys warmed up. The referee society gave us a national 1 referee as this was a top of the table clash. The match report can be read here We got a lovely burger and chips after the match. It was very good grub. We came back on our coach from Moffat after 5pm and got back to Cumnock Rugby Club at 6.50pm. I got a few enquiries if Sunday was still on by text. I told them what I knew (hadn't heard anything) and when we got nearer Cumnock with snow I understood why there was worry. The boys enjoyed the victory and I left club about 8pm and went up the street. I was home by 11pm as that was only the end of day 2 out of 3. I had Dumfries next day. Sunday morning I woke up 7.20am as we were leaving club at 9am to goto Dumfries Tournament. I already had a text saying Dumfries was ok. We got our buses on time and got to Dumfries by 10.30am easily. All the Cumnock teams did well and thankfully for me, Mark did the P4 report. The ground in Dumfries was muddy and I had black jeans on during day. I had to wash them when I got home. We saw a lot of snow near Sanquhar when we came back up, but we were back at club 3.20pm. I went home and went and lay on my bed after that weekend. I got some sleep before my phone rang at 5.20pm and watched some telly before coming to computer at 8pm for match reports. I had more photos which I needed to upload and send on for Chronicle. I spent 2 hours on computer last night and an hour this morning. So that is the end of that rugby weekend. This is a little excel sheet what the 1st have left. Tonight I have a committee meeting at 7pm so I will catch up on some telly today. I finish with some Biffy Clyro as when Tober asked me a question Saturday on bus and my reply was "I have music on" as I couldn't hear him fully (I had earphones on).