Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mrs Browns Boys da movie and more updates.

I For a week and a bit people have been talking to me about Mrs Browns Boys Da Movie. Through club stuff and Andy Murray in Wimbledon (he went out yesterday). So today and not bring around club this morning I could go.

This is the trailer (which I didn't watch before it)

From even before the start to finish I was laughing. Yes it is not for children. It is stronger than telly show. You adults out there, go see it.

Better say we survived ladies day, it was busy, even if the Tober select won.

Youth awards day I enjoyed most of it.

This was me as dj as I had a 3 hour mix from rastamouse to Sing by Ed Sheeran. Also being around sound desk meant to water guns couldn't get near me. This is some of the playlist 

Following Saturday, just 6 days later was Queens Baton Relay through East Ayrshire including Broomfield. I ended up on BBQ, the queue for burgers meant some people waited an hour. 500 burgers were sold at a pound in 3 hours. I got sunburn. The bar was also busy that day (which the club needed).

So we had some very busy times in club, but that's the season now over, but guess what 1st team fixtures are already out (I'm still waiting for 2nd). It's Annual General Meeting next Friday, when Bobby takes over (I've still got same job).

I am hoping I get a quick break in Fife this month. That's before Commonwealth Games of course.

So have fun out there and see you out there.