Friday, 24 July 2009

My week

Good morning, well thankfully it's payday.

This past week has been busy at work, still no sign of Rachel. Leonie, we are getting there. Claire stays on till as normal.
Ann and Myra very busy with me.
It's the Glasgow fair so yes the shop is busier then next Tuesday we have the Head Office visitor again and Steve wants a lot of new stuff in before that we also have a lot of redoing of stuff over the weekend.
Cumnock Rugby Club - had main committee meeting Monday and I have some membership stuff to do and a little bit on blogsite and chatboard.

Ive been on ebay this morning and bought a mouse as my current one is playing up. Ive even topped up my electric and gas as well. Now I am going to listen to Chris Moyles for next couple of hours. I can't guarantee I will get Golden Hour.

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Sunday, 19 July 2009

How does that look today.

This was it dry this morning as I was waiting for my bus in Auchinleck to head to work. I dont think the rain wasn't far. I was through Catrine and it was raining heavily.