Saturday, 4 October 2014

Blogtober day 5

A day in the life of Cumnock RFC Webmaster.

Well Saturday is one of my busiest days at Cumnock Rugby Club and so I decided to list my day on Saturday.

Started by getting up 8.00am. It was an overcast day. Flu jabs open surgery was 8.30-12.30 so I headed across after watching some Riversideshow.  I walked past Freddie Williams to see this (I think it needs updated). I also got a shave.

So got my flu jab at 8.55am and headed to Royal Bank and got some change and some money for me. Now at this point I knew we only had 1 referee and had 3 games at home. I ŵent down to club, put change in and put strips out. I discovered u18 had ref but 2nd team didn't.

I headed up home around 10.00am and went to Greggs and bought 20 rolls for Sunday.

I put phone back on charge and text Tober and phoned Iain. I also phoned Alex and he phoned Dalziel and they supplied a referee for 2nd team game, yeah! All games now covered. I cut the rolls up and put spread and ham inside them and put in bags (that took 30 minutes) and put them in fridge. It's about 11.00am now. I remember s2 are doing car wash at club 12.30pm, I text Tober to find out when staff are on, 1.00pm. So I watch some telly until 11.40 and head down to club. 

Get down and fill water bottles and fill in small teamsheet and get £5.00 for subs. All the first team come in, but I am still waiting for who is playing where. We have been allocated for 1st team a woman who is ref. One of our players doesn't finish warm up and is out, so change big teamsheet (that I have already wrote out).

I head down to pitch 2.35pm. 

While doing my stuff, I was getting a lot of advice (which I didn't want).

Cumnock 1sts won 40-3 and 2nd 28-22.

I went back upto club, had a beer, got pasta. There was a raffle which I won bottle of wine, which will be used for tombola at Tournament on Sunday.

This is p7 draw.

I head home at 5.30 as Sunday rugby starts for coaches 9.00am

So that was rugby stuff I did on Saturday.

blogtober day 4

Well a big thank you so far this week to tezzer57, tgoatcapper, Sean Batty, Sparklemonkey, David Farrell, Nicola McAlley, Eileen Douglas, Cheryl Paul, Karen Greenshields, Claire Wynarczyk (who is also doing #blogtober) and even Laura Maciver for checking out my blog or just talking via that source, twitter. That is an image of most of the presenters, reporters I have in my dropbox, so I did a new image, I realise some have mistakes. It will definately show I do both men and women. Now yesterday I did STV News report on The Cumnock Tryst, today is Pauline Maclean in BBC Reporting Scotland. So Friday I did take a few picture of The Cumnock Tryst Those were from Cumnock precinct this afternoon, singing was by children, so no pictures of them. But did enjoy them singing inside, 30 minutes continious singing (big patience) (it was wet outdoors). Last set are at Festival Friday were at The Dumfries Arms with CAMPS. Well I realise this is a short one, but 3 rugby games at Cumnock RFC today and lots of rolls to make for Sunday. Goodbye for now.