Monday, 23 May 2011

My review of @stvedinburgh for @carasulieman

Here is my review of STV News at Six from East on Monday 23 May 2011.

Well apart from Graphics appearing for input (which I didn't see again) and sound going on Juliet Dunlop to Gordon Chree in newsroom.

The first story was big hitting I did like it. It showed what you could do.

Also the piece on what Edinburgh Festival does for the whole economy I had seen on 1.55 but you added more localism to the report from the earlier version.

I think Caroline was probably nervous because she stumbled at one point. The sport report did focus on some west of scotland stories as well, which I didn't really expect. It was a very informative piece on Hearts and trying to get a new stadium.

I hope it could happen with tieing up with Edinburgh Rugby. You cant expect Edinburgh Rugby to fill Murrayfield, its too big. It makes sense, but some local supporters of Hearts will support the team because it is next to them. That is always a hard question. I am also sure SRU will keep funding for Edinburgh rugby. I cant see that changing (for Glasgow warriors as well). You may notice I am very big into my sport (especially rugby)

I can't say for my selfish point of view I like the new desk for several of my friends, Martin, tgoat who know what I think about desks (I don't) The camera angles are very precise. If you have seen my blog before you know I like different shots or what I supply sometimes to currentbuns (I did the last 3). I cant say (except tonight) I will do many of Edinburgh.

For the mistakes which are being made by BBC Scotland right now, you did very well. I think you will get past what happenned and go along flyingly. They are not having a good night tonight.

I also liked how Sean did with the weather and your more zoomed in map.

More caps are here: for Juliet and Caroline