Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Well it's Tuesday afternoon

Hello everyone, I hope you all liked my short blog on Friday Night, I it had the usual amount of views, even though nobody actually got back to me about it. Well on Saturday we went to Loch Lomond, this is the link for my match report on Cumnock Rugby Club Website. I wrote the match report at Loch Lomond which saved a lot of time later. I had a nice beer in club before coming and making rolls for next day. I also enjoyed after I had finsihed them some music from Blair in Tc's. Sunday I was 6.45am (that aint normal). I got down to club about 8.15 and we hared onto the mini festival. I already had the things I was doing. The p5 team didn't lose any games and just narrowly missed on 1st place in the age group. After everything was packed away I enjoy a few beers. Mark, one of the p4 coaches won a coaches award. That was David who is a p5 coach.
I got home at 8pm and stayed in for rest of the night. Homeland was starting that night for series 2 and still enjoyed it before heading to bed early. On Monday I had a bit of a lie in before sending in the Cumnock Chronicle reports around midday. In afternoon I did more computer admin for rugby club. I went as normal down to club around 5pm but not as normal left at 9.15pm, but we did get some stuff sorted. We are travelling to Cowal (Dunoon) so we got some times we need to leave. Tuesday I watch Monday night raw before a quick visit to Auchinleck at 10am, then getting tape to Stuart (just in time) and then I went to club to do some more admin stuff before buying some new trainers, as the last ones are starting to leak. I haven't had much chance to do telly capping over weekend. So I hope that keeps you all happy and don't forget to say if these are boring or alright.