Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Cumnock is on the map (well weather map).

After quiz last night (so no I didn't watch the debate) I was watching Reporting Scotland and Christopher Blanchett had Cumnock on it, so I tweeted him and have done a few caps

I do have to report it's mostly been a great day in Cumnock. 10:20 it had a shower, by 11.30 it was warm.

Now to show the rest of my caps. Start with Laura Miller in Edinburgh.

Next up I was up early and caught Sally Bundock on World Business Report this morning.

To finish I have Laura Tobin on GMB

Enjoy and bye for now. If you think this was a lot of caps, I actually had 224 of these four people. Also thank you to Jennifer Reoch, fav yesterday's blog and Christopher and Sally replying to my tweets.