Monday, 11 June 2012

Lots of Kilmarnock and Cumnock

Hello everyone, hope you are all good. OK the last thing you all got was Tommy Bowe. Well after that we had the Dinner Dance at the Dumfries Arms and I took a short video of who was getting presented what. Campbell is the captain now so I hope for great things with him. We are starting in West Division 4 next season but I have made it clear I wont be around training on Tuesdays and Thursdays for seniors. I know what I want to do now and with the team of coaches around the seniors that means I can focus on something else. On the 2nd of June I went to Kilmarnock Dirty weekender where the Lafontaines were playing and a number of others. I had great fun but waiting around an hour for my taxi home wasn't great, but it did help clear my head for rugby the next day. Moving onto Friday there I went back to Kilmarnock to see the #olympictorch. Now I had put my twitter on public and got somebody asking for a 200 word blog on it, I don't think they used it so here it is
So the Olympic torch has been through Kilmarnock and it was a great event and might just get more people interested in the olympics this year. I got there very early, 10am and there wasn’t a lot about then. I went back around 11am and they started putting the cones out. Initially I thought it would be for the torch to go along that way, but quickly it became apparent they were for the crowds that were expected and they needed it. Now I use twitter and was keeping upto date to see where the torch was. I already knew it was going down to new running track, but didn’t realise it would take as long, even the people beside me wanted to know. The first set of buses came 5 minutes before the torch which I wish wasn’t that long between them. So when the 2nd set of transport came and they closed John Finnie Street to traffic I got my video going. The Torchbearer wasn’t walking and kept a good pace along a long street. Everyone was cheering and some of the younger ones tried to keep up. It was great to see.
I also took a video Then Saturday night I was at Cumnock Town hall for Cumnock Music Festivals first night. Cheesy started the night and he was great, I loved his set. I also enjoyed Joe Deacon and QFX. Now because I had rugby next day and had enough partying I left unfortunately before Colin Mcardle. I did feel the benefit the next morning. Sunday I went away to Kilmarnock for rugby. Kilmarnock Mini Festival was on. Now Rab, David and me were coaching with Cumnock P4 (tartancat, IT WASN'T FOOTBALL) and the boys never lost a game and we won the tournament. Lets just say I was very happy for the performances they put in. As for future plans I have bought a ticket to olympic football at Hampden and now I have to say I am seeing Steps and Wet, Wet, Wet in July. Everyone have a great time out there.