Sunday, 28 October 2012

Has it been nearly 3 weeks since the last blog

Well it looks as if I havent been blogging for a small bit. So lets think whats been happening, well as usual the rugby club has kept me busy, I have a couple of new jobs since Jim Morton resigned, some of that is keeping me busier. Liz still has her fitness classes on Mondays. Last Monday the committee meeting only last 90 minutes, which was great. The first xv still keep on winning when the rain doesn't get in the way (like last Saturday). I don't know how many know how lucky we are with the club. Just about every away league game we have at the moment, inside beside a club. When we went to Cowal (whilst the MOD was on) we got into 2 changing rooms because first one was being used by Shinty. Also me, Catriona & Donald had got to Dunoon about 12.30, kick off was 3pm (way too early). Still it was a good victory and I got home about 8.15pm because I got bus from Kilmarnock. Last Friday was very busy as well, had usual job to do in club friday evening, then eventually went to chapel hall and they raised loads of money for girls team. Saturday night at club was Jordan's leaving doo, he is in New Zealand now. It started at 5.30pm (getting there), I went to bed after Alibi in Sun and Vendetta in Tc's after 1am. The next day I checked facebook and went I don't remember taking those (but I had). It was a great night. I am glad Sunday wasn't too taxing, just manual stuff mostly. Tuesday night at the Royal Quiz our team with me won play your cards right for £138 (between 10 of us). Some weeks its 5 of us, this week it was 10. We also won the quiz, it was a good night. Wednesday I went with Frank to Tudor Restaurant in Ayr.
That was the main meal photos I had, I put this on trip advisor:- I went with friend, got taken to table, I got salmon starter. It was in a soup with lots of salmon inside and bread, it was very nice, presentation was excellent. I had heard before hand the Tudor had been refurbished and this is to a very good standard, from immaculate toilet to whole decor of eating area. Next I had Gammon Steak, peas and salad with chips. It was very filling. The size of Gammon steak was very large, bigger than I am used to. Didnt finish all the chips. i had a coke in a very nice glass. Between the two of us it was about £25. Pricing on menu was for 2 courses, so I dont think many people go for one. Only worry was staff didnt see everything was ok and I had to go and ask for bill. It was quite busy at this point and thought they may keep more of an eye on this if they could. Overall food was great and way it looks is a great improvement. After the meal I went across to Wellington Sports Ground to cheer on rugby players U15/U16 from Cumnock/Auchinleck Academy, the boys did very well in second half holding a very strong Wellington side. Wednesday night another team I am in won quiz at rugby club, but next month there will be £135+ to win. Thursday I discovered the Schools touch festival was on so I just helped out where I can (I did try to warn you I have been busy with rugby) Logan Primary won again this year. I left there about 2.30 ate something and went back at 6pm for training, which wasn't bad. Thursday night I decided I was going to see skyfall. I hadn't seen the following trailer, even though I knew I wanted to see it. It was great, It was a bit different from the last few, I couldnt fault it. If you can see it, see it. I had used 1000 odeon points from all those collecting from other films I went to see. Yesterday I was Glasgow East, well I say Glasgow East we actually played the same place we play Strathclyde Police in Hamilton. The Cumnock team won 70-0 after 58 minutes after they went to 11 players and we took the points. Last night was the Halloween Party. Now the following picture people are liking most on my facebook today
Now on Thursday I finalised roughly what I was wearing. This is what I wore last night (minus my big black coat)
Now if you only saw me from the waist up it looks like I am wearing a shirt and Cumnock Academy tie.
When I helped behind the bar, thats what they thought. It's only when you see the full part, you see a black skirt and tights. lets just say I didn't sit on any radiators, and if anybody had asked why I didn't wear heels "I am tall enough". After going to rugby club party until about 10.20 I went up (yes I walked up, I had taxi down to club) towards The Sun, The nice lady Security Person said I had to show Karen this outfit the got prize for Worst Fancy Dress, which still got me a bottle of wine. I enjoyed the music in Sun and it was fun when I could relax. Today after the clocks change I went to Troon where it wasn't raining and we won. When we got back to Cumnock it was flinging it down again. In next few weeks I am going to New Zealand and South Africa games. I hope you enjoy this blog and comment unless you just want to advertise on it) and I will try to do another one quicker.