Friday, 17 December 2010

hello, it's Friday 17th December 2010

Its a quick one from me today. Thank you for all the birthday messages. All much appreciated even though I havent unplugged my iphone from the charger incase it drains it. I have responded to all the facebook wall posts. I felt myself saying cheers and thank you a lot. It is all appreciated.

Right 2pm, I am going to see Tron Legacy at Glasgow Science Centre. I hope STV News dont send Louise out today (or John). I had better thank Craig McGill and Iain Hepburn for getting me to the preview in the first place via the thumbcast. Ill listen to your last podcast on the bus to Glasgow.

After that it's head for Fife. My car badge is in my suitcase (and I aint taking that to IMAX, the suitcase).

Sally and Alex for any of you out there is renewing her wedding vows. A whole load of the family is going. I have a kilt hired and its in the suitcase as well. So are all the fife Christmas presents (sorry Brae, I didnt have space for yours).

The renewal is Saturday, Sunday is a relaxing day (I hope) and Monday I come back for a committee meeting at night at the rugby after I hope they have 1. games, 2. a successful raffle and 3. Stuff to prepare for. I just hope someone takes pictures as well as I aint here. My money is on Stella to win the apprentice and Kara maybe for Strictly. Thats down to the showdance. I am also getting TLC this weekend.

Ive even sorted out my East Ayrshire team today with everyone knowing whats happening (i'm even keeping my heating on at home while I am away).

So you guys and girls have a great weekend. Heres hope we all will.