Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Well the weekend

Well lets go through last weekend. Here is the link to my facebook photos. I aint loading them twice. Wednesday started with going over to Ian's and giving him his 40th birthday present. On Thursday at the sun he sang tunes all night and I think had fun.
Friday I was around club with BT engineers and just chilling up in TC's later. I had fun that night. Worst bit was going to taxi office later than usual and so getting closing time rush, but we got home for a very good price. Saturday was my 38th birthday. I wrapped more xmas presents for Cumnock and then headed across to Asda for shopping and see minis bagpacking. I then got taxi home via precinct and watched some Heineken Cup at home. At 5.40 I finished watching Glasgow Warriors draw and headed down to rugby club for raffle and pre xmas parties. Had a bit of fun until I had to work in the bar for a short period (I didn't want to be doing bar, but got no choice for a short time). I am glad I didnt join the drinking games that was going on. At 9pm I headed upto Tc's and Vendetta were on. Got their 1st set and saw rugby mates over in royal before heading back across to TC's to see end. I got chineese after leaving but fell on ice (I hate that stuff), I didn't bruise myself. I got home at my usual time. Saturday was different to the usual Saturday. Sunday I got up at 10am. Got some stuff done before I had some visitors. I went across to Catrine for rugby training and that was good. Rab Donald gave me a new chair for the living room, he even pulled the heavy bit up my stairs.
Around 4pm I headed across to Royal Hotel In Cumnock for dinner. The lentil soup was very warm and not skinny. I then had roast beef with potatoes and veg and yorkshire pudding. I was going to have a sweet, but I was actually full. On Monday I saw mum again, got some things from her's and headed home before schools finished for day. At night I went to committee meeting at club.