Thursday, 20 October 2011

@darkflare and other ayrshire peeps

Right Iain has put this post out.
This is some from his entry:-

Possible subjects for the blog could be:

general website advice
getting started with social media
social media branding/visual identity tips
web design process (on new sites)
logo development process

I like the first three as especially discussed at twitayr, not everyone out there uses the tools well. People tend to need advice about websites, social media is needed by most companies unless there coca cola or someone that size. Some big organisations dont get social media.

For example (but not the only one) is Prestwick Airport and its twitter feed

They really dont bar 1 example talk about flight information for itself, it could make itself a lot more useful or really a lot. Look at the amount of people following Glasgow Airport and the info. So you can see you can do social media in various ways, sometimes just for piecemeal.

I dont know how many will want to learn web design processes for new sites or developing logo. Branding is important though. I know it took me about 20 hours initially to learn a useful amount of web design, so I am not sure people will want to sit around for that.

I am sure Iain you know what kind of pricing you need to deploy and seeing as this aint my job doing it for other people, I cant really help.

Other guys and girls out there, give Iain your thoughts. Iain is on twitter and even google+