Monday, 21 February 2011

Ian doing She will be loved

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Morning, it's Sunday 20th February

Hello guys and girls, I hope you are all well.

I have 2 weeks of cardio physio class left and I feel better for it, even after the up down a step at 3/4 speed. Its talk next week so I will be down there from about 10am to 1pm.

I am definately glad that House, NCIS Los Angeles is back on sky and Hawaii 5-0 is a good addition to that list. On Tuesday/Wednesday I watched all the audition shows and first hollywood week programme of American Idol. It is a good judging panel after goodbye, Mr Cowell. I have 4th day still to watch this week. I do have a pile of The Chaser to watch as well.

I am definately glad on a rugby front that Alex Dunsmuir is back, it makes life just a bit simpler for me. Today there is no rugby at Cumnock today, so I aint down today. Unfortunately the results for Cumnock RFC were not very good (thats me trying to be very positive). So today I get to watch Celtic vs Rangers at home.

Yesterday I went to Coatbridge for the Waysiders/Drumpellier vs Cumnock Stormers game and got back to club after six and headed home for a bath. After which I went back to Cumnock and enjoy Dr Jon as normal and his music. If your lucky enough to follow me on twitter, you will see most of his tunes via shazam (I don't put them on facebook). My shazam list has also been increasing.

The other thing I got interested this week is The Rock is back home and hosting Wrestlemania 27 and announced it on Raw earlier on the week. Also Tinie Tempah did the theme tune to WM27.

I have a senior committee meeting tomorrow night, so that will be it's usual fun.

So you all have a good day today.

at 6.48pm I changed my vote to Catriona.