Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hello, Its wet today featuring @spotify @fatbuzz @cumnockrfc @cumnockchron and facebook

Well I havent been blogging much because I have been busy down at club. Well we need 1 league point from last 2 games even though we are 100% league record this season. The roadworks in middle of Cumnock last week were horrendous last week when the schools were off. The committee meetings and now on 2nd and 3rd Mondays of month (at least at the moment). I had to talk about this month that only 2 photos per age group are to be sent to Cumnock Chronicle as I sent too many on 18th March. It's also easier for me to pick as the journalists over there wouldn't probably have enough time to check them on dropbox (yes I use that now). Also on club front I changed slightly my strategy to twitter and facebook. During the 1st XV games I get someone tweeting live scores (which came in handy for Cumnock 128 Renfrew 0) and I just have to make sure the person doing it knows how to use it. I also discovered that following had got to 499 and mentioned the 500th follower Sandra Owens and in past two weeks we rose to 518 followers (the now). Today I am heading to Ayr to see Frank as it's lunch today and Frank says we are going outside Ayr (as long as I don't get wet). I am listening to Fatbuzz social media podcast the now and I agree I hate some of the changes they have been doing on facebook. They changed my timeline display on pc overnight, without warning. It thought I liked Jeremy Kyle (look at the top of my blog I dont). The admin panel is also worse it is do you want to promote a post or do you want to spend so much per day. I only use Pages Manager on my mobile to post score at the end. I dont use any other part of it, I get more detail when I look on pc and I can wait for that. The 1 thing I am pleased with my mobile is Spotify, they appear to have sorted out the undownloading tunes already sent from pc, so I dont lose the tunes I want minutes after leaving home. I am happy about that. Bye for now.